Dear Zayn

1,10, 25, 40, 67, 75, 77... so many days you've been gone Zayn, what am I to say? Im lost with out you. Its been 77 days .. and I just can't do it... Im joining you.
Love Perrie

(Yes! I know it sounds like 99 days with out you. but its not, Its my story About zayn and perrie that book gave me the idea though, it will be letters but nothing will be copied off her book!! So Please dont comment saying this is stolen because its not)


2. 2

Day 4, 5, 6

Dear Zayn,

I hope you don't mind im starting to have 3 days become a habit since I need some time to reprocess all of this. I got some of it down though. You were at the store, you were buying things off the list. Thats as far as I have gotten in these 6 days. I just can't bring myself to the fact that your gone. I have only just begun the Grieving process, and Im still working on recollecting how you had died. Tipically I take things easy, but this hit me as hard as a boulder. Being told my Fiance was died, is almost unbarable. One more day until the girls came to check on me. I deicded since they were coming saturday to make my place tidy. Get the tissues throw away take a shower, new clothes on, so on so forth. We loved cleaning YOUR place together it always made things fun when we were with each other. I was going to look presentable for the girls so they thought I was taking this well, but if they were in their right minds they would see past the clean house and fake smile. But, maybe they can't realize because they are too busy just now noticing that their friend had just died, llet alone with others as well! I really hope you don't mind I looked through your papers today and it was all the lyrica we wrote together. I was going to tell the girls and show them saturday. I sure hope I don't cry. But, I know for sure we are using "Red Planet" For our new album. If we get the chance too. One Direction isn't the same without your vocals babe. They miss you so much and they are all taking it hard. Niall's taken it the worst. They want you back almost as much as I do.

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