Dear Zayn

1,10, 25, 40, 67, 75, 77... so many days you've been gone Zayn, what am I to say? Im lost with out you. Its been 77 days .. and I just can't do it... Im joining you.
Love Perrie

(Yes! I know it sounds like 99 days with out you. but its not, Its my story About zayn and perrie that book gave me the idea though, it will be letters but nothing will be copied off her book!! So Please dont comment saying this is stolen because its not)


1. 1

Day 1,2&3

Dear Zayn,

Your death was horrible, I needed some grieving days thats why this counts for 3 days. Why didn't you just take me with you to the store? Why didn't you listen? You didn't come say goodbye... Why? You left us too soon Zayn its not fair. The girls thought I needed some time alone so they wont bother me this week and my manager called me and explained that I don't have to sing for 3 weeks, which helps a bit knowing I will have time to rest and imagine your beautiful voice singing Little Things to me on stage, and you coming to my concerts just to yell 'I Love You Perrie', All those special moments we had together taking selfies, and talking with the boys... Those moment will be cherished. Before you left us, the day before you had given me a note saying,

Dear Perrie,

I love you. Remember that. Your my heart and soul. My everything. Don't forget it. I'll go shopping for us in the morning and I'll be back in time to wake you up with a bunch of mushy kisses and tickles just to make you smile. It brightens my day. Your laugh its perfect makes butterflies explode in my stomach, Your voice, echo's in my mind everywhere I go. No thats not a bad thing, Thats amazing. I can hear you voice and imagine you and the girls laughing at me when I trip over or my reaction to your silly pranks. I love you.

Zayn xx.

Your pen still freshly marked on the page as I could smell you lingering scent in the room. If you don't mind i've been sleeping in your bed crying... I kind of got tears on your pillow. But I bet you wouldn't mind, if you were here you would smack me with it and joke about how now you have to sleep on a wet pillow. But thats what im doing now. Sleeping on a wet pillow.

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