The Move to Ireland

Hi my name is Raquel Larson. I am 13. I live with my parents. What happens when i wove to Ireland because my parent were killed by a drunk driver? Know i have to live whit my aunt in Ireland.


1. The Move

Hi my Name is Raquel, Raquel Larson. I look like this.

I lived with my mom and dad till some drunk driver killed them. they were on my way to my Taekwondo tournament. that day i i got beat up pretty bad. i was not focused because i was just told my parents died. i went to the funeral and spoke and stuff like that. i cried so muck that day i thought that i wouldn't be able to cry for the next 2 years. thats when my aunt came up to me and said i would me living with her in Ireland. i went to my house to get every thing packed when i went to the bath room to grab my razor. you see i was a cutter 2 years ago because of school. i stopped because my mom and dad fond out. i took the blade remembering how it felt. i took the blade and slid it across my wrist hard. i did that 5 times till i got  dizzy i got up and washed the cuts then put some bracelets on. as u see in the picture. i finished packing and went to the airport to leave this place.





tell me if u like it and wont me to continue 

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