The Move to Ireland

Hi my name is Raquel Larson. I am 13. I live with my parents. What happens when i wove to Ireland because my parent were killed by a drunk driver? Know i have to live whit my aunt in Ireland.


2. meeting people

pov.aunt sheela

hi my names Sheela Raquel's aunt. i am picking up Raquel right know from the airport. Today is her first day here in ireland. She will start school next week. i already have her uniform it looks like this

Raquel POV

i got off the airplane. God i HATE airplanes my best died from a plane crash, but i dont wont to talk about it. I will start crying if i do. I went and grabbed my luggage. then i walked to were people pick you up and i saw my aunt sheela. we went to her house and it was beautiful. my room was red and grey. and had a king sized bed and the covers for the bed matched my walls. i had a t.v. laptop and i phone 5!!!! i got all my cloths unpacked and went down stairs. to find my aunts boyfriend Shaine. he seemed nice. then there was a nock on the door so i went and got it. when i opened the door my aunts friend Maura was standing there i let her in. she told me she had a son that was 20 and was in the bad one direction. i have herd of one direction a few times. i did like some of there music. Maura said i could meet him. at this point all i was thinking was graet another person that can teas me and hate me. FUN!!!!!!(sarcasm) then after i met every one i went up stairs to go to bed, but right before i did i made 5 more cuts on my thigh. 




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