there are like blurbs for some movella ideas i have, so if you like one of the ideas, plesase coment below and i will see if i can make it a real movellla, luv ya


1. Impossible - a one direction fanfiction

who knew that one trip could change your life forever? who knew that if you stayed away from the family vacation you would have never met that one person who once made you die on the inside. what if that feeling was love, what if he never meant to hurt you? what if you only had 2 weeks to get him back? what if you could never see him the same? why would she do? was it setting her love free, then it flying back, or was it never true, or real? he has changed, and not in the way she hoped. worse.


hes not the person he was, but hes not who she wanted him to be.

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