the love life

This is for all the k-pop lovers. No other but the k-pop freaks would love this.
Well its basically about a tragedy between GD Dating me. My name is Stephanie, and my best friend becomes my life savior within this story. Tao (member of Exo-m) becomes falling for me as well. It becomes very stressful for me. While Jonghyun (member of the band named shinee) is Xaviera's (my best friend) bias, they end up dating in a way. While T.O.P becomes part of the whole tragedy.
This takes place during the year of 2019 (future). I turned 24 and Xaviera was 22 years old there.
The place is mainly in South Korea, L.A and China.


1. The stress

 I have finally turned 24 years old. Its the year 2019, my name is Stephanie. I'm recently dating G-Dragon (k-pop rapper and singer). My best friend Xaviera (who is 22 years old) has decided to go with me and my boyfriend to travel around Asia and perform. While Xaviera and I stay backstage supporting him.

 His new album was coming soon, so we where going to interviews after interviews. We barely had time to even breath or relax, it was quite stressing. So we decided to take a break from the interviews of the new album coming and go to L.A. They where having a Korean festival once again just like every year.

 While we where sitting down inside the airplane, Xaviera begins to scream. My boyfriend then goes to her and says "Why are you screaming?" She then responds what k-pop news posted on there twitter. "Well it says from k-pop news and i quote 'Jonghyun is going to L.A. as well, to see G-Dragon perform' I just got this notification news at this moment." G-Dragon begins to laugh and says "Those k-pop news of yours are behind because i already knew he was coming to L.A." Xaviera's eyes got wider and she responded "You knew and you didn't tell me!" He laughs and sits down. I try to calm her down and I explain to her that not only he knew, but i did as well and that the only reason why we didn't tell her was because we figured you would have noticed by the hints we gave you when we made you go to G-Dragons designer. Though you know he's the fashion icon. She then sits down calm, (i sit on the other side next to my boyfriend and Xaviera stays in the corner. G-Dragon is in between us two) and then says "That explains so much."

sooner or later we where heading to L.A.

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