the love life

This is for all the k-pop lovers. No other but the k-pop freaks would love this.
Well its basically about a tragedy between GD Dating me. My name is Stephanie, and my best friend becomes my life savior within this story. Tao (member of Exo-m) becomes falling for me as well. It becomes very stressful for me. While Jonghyun (member of the band named shinee) is Xaviera's (my best friend) bias, they end up dating in a way. While T.O.P becomes part of the whole tragedy.
This takes place during the year of 2019 (future). I turned 24 and Xaviera was 22 years old there.
The place is mainly in South Korea, L.A and China.


2. Korean Festival

The hours passed by and as soon as we woke up we where already in L.A. As soon as we got out of the airport of L.A. We needed to head out to another interview for G-Dragon decided to perform in the Korean festival they where having this year. Once we got in the interview they asked about Xaviera's age. So I responded "I'm 24, she's two years younger than me." A reporter asked if she was 22 then and I responded "Yes, that is correct." Then they mentioned about Jonghyun posting on twitter that he can't wait to see GD (short for G-Dragon) perform.

We then left the interview from constant questions and answers for 2 hours. We then headed to the hotel we where recently staying at and ate dinner there. Before you know it, it was 5 o'clock p.m and it was time to get ready for the show. Xaviera got dressed all pretty, but when she looked at GD and I she asked why we where some sweat pants and a t-shirt and she forgot that we always do this because we change backstage. Knowing that she's come along with us to the tours GD has done in Asia, she knows the drill.

We had left the hotel by 5:15 p.m. Xaviera took her make-up and we headed over to the Korean festival. Once we arrived a huge crowd of Asians and foreign's began to shout and scream when they saw us getting out of the vehicle. As we where heading to the backstage room to get ready for the show. I stop GD by his arm, Which we where in fact holding hands. I told him "We should get that type of style in our home furniture." He smiles grabs me by the cheek, checks that everyone's staring and taking pictures and decides to kiss me. He then says "Let's go babe," and keeps laughing and smiling. Xaviera was following us from behind when she says "The third wheel here." GD and I laugh and we say "not for long."

We got in the room and we began to change and while there doing our hair and make-up we here a knock on the door. We (GD and I) say "Come in!" While Xaviera was telling the lady who did her make-up that she doesnt what eyeliner to use. When she suddenly heears someone say "Hey whats up Jonghyun how are you?" and they high five greet. Xaviera froze by then and she slowly turns around. Jonghyun smiles when he was talking to GD until her looked to the direction of where Xaviera was, he stays there staring at her. Then Jonghyun asks GD in Korean who the pretty girl with red hair was, and her name? Xaviera responded to him back in Korean telling him her name.

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