the love life

This is for all the k-pop lovers. No other but the k-pop freaks would love this.
Well its basically about a tragedy between GD Dating me. My name is Stephanie, and my best friend becomes my life savior within this story. Tao (member of Exo-m) becomes falling for me as well. It becomes very stressful for me. While Jonghyun (member of the band named shinee) is Xaviera's (my best friend) bias, they end up dating in a way. While T.O.P becomes part of the whole tragedy.
This takes place during the year of 2019 (future). I turned 24 and Xaviera was 22 years old there.
The place is mainly in South Korea, L.A and China.


3. During korean festival

GD and I looked at each other smiling. I told Jonghyun to "accompany Xaviera and sit with her in the reserved chairs. I will come there soon so you guys go tag along." Jonghyun bows and say alright. Then he leaves with Xaviera. GD and I begin to drink some hot wine. I told him how much I love him. and I popped kissed him a couple of times while i said i love you repeatedly and I sat on his lap facing him. He hugged me and told me that he loves me as well. He then hold my cheeks once again and kisses me, but this time slowly and passionately. I hug him back and told him that he will do a great performance and rock this festival. He kissed me back and I left the room he smiled at me and said "see you later babe." I smile and go sit with Xaviera and Jonghyun, but while I was heading to the chairs I saw Jonghyun with his arms around her. I smile at Xaviera and sit next to her. She then whispers to my ear saying "Tao is coming here Jonghyun just told me the news." My eyes widen and I tell her "Why is he coming here for?" Jonghyun over heard our conversation and he respond by saying that Tao wants to see me and that he wants to talk to me. So I tell Jonghyun "Tao and I have nothing to speak off!" I then sit a bit upset. G-Dragon then starts performing and while thats happening Xaviera decides to elbow me and points on the right side of me, so I look and it was Tao heading this way.I wanted to then leave, but I couldn't because I was supporting GD which is my boyfriend. When all of a sudden G-Dragon stops everyone from playing. Tao comes to me but doesn't get the chance to say hi to me for that's when G-Dragon says "I want you all to meet someone special to me before i continue this performance, Please give a big welcome applause to my girl Stephanie." They put the light on me and I stand there frozen and in shock so i smile awkwardly and wave. Then GD says "Come up here babe." And smiles he tells his audience to cheer louder so i would go up. So i go up the stage and he comes and holds my hand and drags me to a sofa, he then sits me down on the sofa. He then begin to sings a song that was the greatest of all times in big bang, but GD needed T.O.P (Don't go home was the song). When I hear T.O.P's voice doing his part and he scares me through the back. I was so surprised and happy. Then when the song ends the lights go out. I stay lost in the sofa. In my head i was saying, do I stand up? Do I leave? What do I do? Then the light goes back on and he begins to sing baby good night with T.O.P, but they made the sound acoustic. GD than says while the instruments keep playing in the background, he says "Stephanie.." And while he says my name he bends down on one knee and looks up on me. T.O.P sits next to me wrapping his arm staring at GD and him telling me to look at GD. He had a box in his hand and while hes opening it his back up dancers come he begins to say "Stephanie will you marry me? Be Mrs. GD, Mrs. G-Dragon." I cover my eyes and start to cry and I say "Yes!" He smiles and say "What I didnt here you?" He puts the microphone closer to my lips while I keep crying and I hug him crying on his chest and I tell him "Yes Yes." He hugs me and laughs. The whole group of Big Bang come and sing Fantastic baby. He gives the microphone to Seungri (Big Bang member, when they where Big Bang). He moves my face to him while im crying he looks at me and kisses me. He picks me up and takes me backstage. Then T.O.P and the Big Bang members say "Thank you all. Have a good night." He bows and leaves. Xaviera and Jonghyun go heading back stage and Tao follows along.

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