the love life

This is for all the k-pop lovers. No other but the k-pop freaks would love this.
Well its basically about a tragedy between GD Dating me. My name is Stephanie, and my best friend becomes my life savior within this story. Tao (member of Exo-m) becomes falling for me as well. It becomes very stressful for me. While Jonghyun (member of the band named shinee) is Xaviera's (my best friend) bias, they end up dating in a way. While T.O.P becomes part of the whole tragedy.
This takes place during the year of 2019 (future). I turned 24 and Xaviera was 22 years old there.
The place is mainly in South Korea, L.A and China.


6. December 31st In Japan still

   In the end my wish was to find someone who can understand me. And while Tao and I headed to a party at G-Dragons home. My best friend (Xaviera) texted me telling me she's heading over to his house with Shinee members.

  I headed inside and since i have been in that house, all those memories started hitting me. So i headed to one of his room i loved going to. That's where i would think. I began to sing Like a boy by Ciara and i danced out my feelings. When i stop singing and dancing i hear someone laughing, I tried to look up cover the top of my head and i couldnt see well. The light was in my face.

  The man who laughed said through the microphone on the lights department "I guess you still love coming to this room specifically." I rolled my eyes and i sigh i sit on the floor, it was G-Dragon he was heading my direction. He sits next to me. He looks up sighs and says "Don't you ever wonder why life has us fantasizing over things?" I stare at him and kind of smile i understood him. I then say "You think those thoughts?" He smiles looks down and giggles and then he looks in my eyes and says "Yes i always have. Stephanie you've had me going chasing after you from even another part of Asia."

  My head went thinking to much. I told him "I never thought i would think about you still, its like you knocked me out. Sometimes love comes around and knocks you down, you just have to get back up when it knocks you down." He laughs and hugs me. He says "Shall we head back to the party, Don't worry over Tao he must have found someone already." I grab his hand and i stand up and head with him to the party, He holds my hand and dragged me to the backyard where there where so many lights, all different colors. I was surprised over the colors the light blue color light in the pool and the garden with so many pretty lights. I smile, he stares at me and says "Come." He then drags my hand once again and takes me to a sofa with like 5 guys and one girl. He says "Hey guys she's back!" He smiles and while i was trying to figure out who they where they turn around. It was Shinee members and Xaviera. Xaviera smiles, hugs me and then says "I'm glad you picked him Tao may look like he's your type, but hes not. For a guy that looks sweet he is not. G-Dragon has been controlling himself taking therapy and everything for you. He has been succeeding in having you back in his life. He cannot live without you." I stare at G-Dragon and Shinee members nodded yes. I ask G-Dragon if it was true, he laughs and then says "I wouldnt move to Japan for nothing if i am trying to win that heart of yours back to my life." I smile and kind of start tearing down, remembering over every feeling i had and every action i made over it, every pain i caused others. I start to cry. He wraps his arms around me and whispers in my ear. "I am here don't worry, i have always been here trying to get you, so just hold on and head back home yes?" I cry and laugh. I stop myself from crying and i told him while looking up on him and his hands around me "Yes lets head home, you know what? Lets head home now!" He smiles and kisses me. He then replies "I was hoping for you to say that because Shinee members, Xaviera and us are heading back tonight, right now actually." I smiled and hugged him. We Headed to the car at that moment.

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