the love life

This is for all the k-pop lovers. No other but the k-pop freaks would love this.
Well its basically about a tragedy between GD Dating me. My name is Stephanie, and my best friend becomes my life savior within this story. Tao (member of Exo-m) becomes falling for me as well. It becomes very stressful for me. While Jonghyun (member of the band named shinee) is Xaviera's (my best friend) bias, they end up dating in a way. While T.O.P becomes part of the whole tragedy.
This takes place during the year of 2019 (future). I turned 24 and Xaviera was 22 years old there.
The place is mainly in South Korea, L.A and China.


5. December 25 breaking down Christmas

So its December 25th which is also known as Christmas eve. It became very cold over in China. Xaviera and I where cold, so Jonghyun brought two blankets for us while Tao brought some warm hot chocolate.

Tao decided to have this year's Christmas with Xaviera, Jonghyun and I here in China which we where still living on. They had an event this year in the capital of China, Beijing. For a special Chinese Christmas celebration. Exo (Tao's band members) came to China to play Growl. Tao started the show. They sang and played. He never told his band members about us. So when they saw him, that in the whole performance he was staring into my direction.

When they made him do the performances of Wolf as well. He was a bit too focused unto me. I tried not paying attention too much, but it was like if he was staring into my soul and I could not help to stare. They performed some songs that I was touched by. They began to sing baby don't cry. I started to cry, I ran out of the spot I was sitting on.

Tao stopped dancing. He told Sehun to back him up and that he will come back. He stops me before I could even keep walking. And I hugged him and cried out in his arms. He hold me for comfort and said its alright. He kissed my head and told me in a whisper "Its okay, Its okay." I told him while I kept crying. "No Its not, I f-f-feel like I just don't know what love even is." He laughs and I look up at him and I tell him "Why are you laughing?" He looks at me and while he holds me closer to him, he holds me by the waist; he kisses me. I hold him by wrapping my arms around his neck and kiss him back while crying.

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