Love, Betrayal, and Murder

Ever King has lead an impossibly hard life. She gave birth at sixteen to a baby she didn't want. Five years later, the same little girl was murdered maliciously. Bad luck follows her wherever she goes. And when someone else she cares about is about to die, she refuses to allow it.

First in the Love, Betrayal, and Murder series.


8. The Same Thing - Ever's P.O.V.

     I leave the room to find Serinity kicking a wall. She wasn't really there for me in my time of need, but I can't stand by and watch her fall apart like I did. I don't want her to be broken like me.

     "Serinity," I say. "Are you alright?"

     She mutters something in return that sounds like, "Do I look alright to you?"

      "Fair enough." I rest a hand on her shoulder. "If you need anything, I'm here."

     She looks at me, biting her lip. "What will I do when I lose her?"

     "When you lose her? You won't lose her."

     "I remember telling you the same thing."

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