Love, Betrayal, and Murder

Ever King has lead an impossibly hard life. She gave birth at sixteen to a baby she didn't want. Five years later, the same little girl was murdered maliciously. Bad luck follows her wherever she goes. And when someone else she cares about is about to die, she refuses to allow it.

First in the Love, Betrayal, and Murder series.


6. The News - Ever's P.O.V.

     I don't know why I even did it. The news always depresses me. Murder, kidnap, rape. That's all it ever is. But when I turn on the television and find the news on, I don't change the channel.

     "BREAKING NEWS!!!" The pudgy news anchor sounds much too happy. Like this is all some sort of sick, twisted fiction that was created a team of writers.

     The screen flashes to Emmy Park, which is surrounded by bright yellow crime scene tape and police. There is a white tape outline, that covers up a very small amount of the vast red liquid that is staining the ground.

     "Marcy Queen, a ten-year-old girl, was found in Emily Corpse Memorial Park today with a slit in her throat. There were no witnesses to this crime, and the police have no suspects yet. She was found this morning by a man who was walking his dog.

     "Although Marcy is seriously injured, the paramedics say that she will certainly live. There will be more on this story as it develops."

     I am speechless. Why? I- I need to see here. Now. But where would she be? Oh, who am I kidding? There is only one hospital in this whole town.

     Mary Hope.


     When I arrive at Mary Hope Hospital, I immediately feel a pang of sorrow. I haven't been here in four years. Not since...

     I rush in and go to the help desk. The lady sitting in the chair behind it is around fourteen, so I guess she's just volunteering. She's chewing a wad of gum the size of a golf ball and messing with her perfect hair. Oh, I miss being a kid. Being able to care about frivolous things like hair and make-up.

    Between loud smacks of gum, she sneers, "What do you want?"

     "I need to visit Marcy Queen. It's urgent."


     "I'm her godmother," I lie.

     "Okay." She typed something into the computer in front of her. "Room Seventy-seven. Do you know where that is?"

     "Yeah." I leave the young receptionist alone and head towards the elevators. I press the UP button and waited. Why Room Seventy-seven?

     The elevator doors open and I step in, pushing the SEVEN button. The doors closed, and I feel the ground below me shift. And soon it stops. I look at the electronic sign above the doors (LEVEL 3) which begin to open. A young boy, around the age of five, walks in and looks up at me.

     "Hey, lady. Can you tell me where Bubby is?" he asks.

     "Who's Bubby?"

     "My brother. His real name is Carl, but I call him Bubby. He has Leukemia.

     "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. Do you know what room your brother is  in?"

     "Room Seventy-five. I've already checked the first floor and the second floor and the third floor."

     "Oh, Sweetie. Room Seventy-five is on the seventh floor. Why don't you do me a favor? Press the button with the big seven on it." I point to the button, and he pushes it as hard as he can.

     "Momma never, ever lets me do that. She says elevators are dirty."

     "Where is your mom?" (I'd rather know what type of mother lets her child wander a hospital alone.)

     "In Heaven." The boy says it like she is on a vacation, and she would return at any moment.

     The opening of the elevator doors and the ding that follows keeps me from having to reply to that. I grab his hand and let him follow me to "Bubby's" room. When we get there, I tell him that if he needs me, I will be across the hall, and if I'm not, ask Sharona.

     "Hey, lady. What's your name?"


     "My name is Jeremy."

     He goes into his brother's room and trudge across the hall to the room where I sat and watched my daughter die. The room where I may watch Marcy die as well.

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