Love, Betrayal, and Murder

Ever King has lead an impossibly hard life. She gave birth at sixteen to a baby she didn't want. Five years later, the same little girl was murdered maliciously. Bad luck follows her wherever she goes. And when someone else she cares about is about to die, she refuses to allow it.

First in the Love, Betrayal, and Murder series.


5. Standing Up - Marcy's P.O.V.

     The day Luna died, I knew what happened. Without a doubt. I needed to prove it, though. I couldn't just go tell the first police officer that walked down the street what happened. He would just ignore me. He would think I was just a babbling six-year-old who was making something up of the top of my head. He would have no reason to believe me.  I hardly believe it.

     For four years, I acted as a detective. I went to the scene of the crime, I found evidence, I thought of possible motives, and at the age of ten, I discovered the answer. The scrambled pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of a mystery fit together perfectly. I couldn't find the motive until then.

     But where to meet?

     The park! Yes! There will be plenty of witnesses. I'll be safe. The killer won't try a thing.

     I pull out my cell phone, one of those cheap little flip phones that have no real keyboard that takes three minutes to type one sentence. I scroll through the options and select NEW MESSAGE.


     i no the truth i no u did it met me @ the prk in 1 our



     I walk to the park, worried about standing up to the real killer. The co-killer, really.


     Upon walking into the park, I notice that I made a major mistake. There's no one here! I  could be shot in the heart and left to die. No one would know, at least not until it was much too late.

     I can't back down just because of the fact I'll be left alone in a park. With a stone-cold killer. Who will soon want me dead. Oh, boy.

     I look out the North Entrance, waiting. I don't wait long, though. The suspect enters. No, not suspect. Felon.

     "What do you want, Marcy? I had to sneak out of work for this."

     "I know what you did.To Ever. To Luna. You treacherous hag! You don't deserve life in jail. You deserve Death Row." I feel confident all of a sudden.

     "What do you have against me? This is just a theory. There. Is. No. Proof."

     "Wanna bet?"

     "What are you going to do? Tell Ever?"

     "Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. Then we'll go to the police with it." I reply. I turn on my heel and begin to leave, but the murderer grabs me, pulls me closer, and whispers in my ear.

     "You realize, of course, I can't let you do that."

     There is a small amount of pain that enters the side of my neck. Then, it disappears. No pain at all. Everything goes black.

     I'm slipping away.

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