Love, Betrayal, and Murder

Ever King has lead an impossibly hard life. She gave birth at sixteen to a baby she didn't want. Five years later, the same little girl was murdered maliciously. Bad luck follows her wherever she goes. And when someone else she cares about is about to die, she refuses to allow it.

First in the Love, Betrayal, and Murder series.


1. How It All Began - Ever's P.O.V.

     They say your life can change in an instant. I never believed it. How could your life possibly go from horrible to great immediately? Or vice-versa?

     My childhood was absolutely horrible. I grew up without a mom. Dad totally hated me. Most I ever got from him was a beating. Oh, and a baby.

     I lost everything in that one fateful night. Dad and his buddy, Christian, came home drunk. They were looking for a victim, and aside from them, I was the only one in the whole house. Christian, he- let's just say, one minute, my biggest worry in the world was the English Mid-term. The next, fifteen and pregnant.

     Dad, of course, blamed me for my little "bun in the oven." I was grounded the entire pregnancy. It didn't help that four out of five of my friends left me. My boyfriend dumped me. To everyone in the school, I was just a slut...

     On my sixteenth birthday, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I named her Luna. Dad, who still thought the blame rested solely on me, kicked me out; I was all alone, and by myself. Serinity, my best friend, my only friend, convinced her parents to allow Luna and me to live with them.

     Life went on, and after graduating top of my class, Serinity, Luna, and I moved into an apartment together.

     Life was good, great even, but I knew not to get too used to it. Life really can change in an instant...

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