Love, Betrayal, and Murder

Ever King has lead an impossibly hard life. She gave birth at sixteen to a baby she didn't want. Five years later, the same little girl was murdered maliciously. Bad luck follows her wherever she goes. And when someone else she cares about is about to die, she refuses to allow it.

First in the Love, Betrayal, and Murder series.


3. An Instant (Part Two) - Ever's P.O.V.

     I woke up in a hospital, the stench of antibacterial hand soap filled my nostrils. The doctor, Dr. Russel, came in, and I was greeted with a "Great! You're awake." He explains that he reset my bones, stitched up my serious wounds, and restarted my heart twice. He droned on and on and on and on... I couldn't care less.

     "Enough!" I screamed. "Where's Luna? Luna King. My daughter. Where is she?"

     "She should be awake by now."


     " We had to have an operation on her."

     " You had a what? Where is she? Where?"

     "Room seventy-seven. Right across the hall. We'll take you there in an hour, Miss King."

     An hour? AN HOUR! I got out of the  bed, muttering threats under my breath. The doctor tried to stop me by placing a hand on my shoulder, but I shot a glare his way. He immediately backed off.

     I shuffled out the door. Pain racked my body with every step I took. But I had to get to Luna. I pulled the door open to see Luna, my baby, my everything, looking much worse than she looked before this operation that the doctors took. What was so wrong that they had to do an operation on her anyway?

     "Luna," I whispered. She didn't say anything, but the corners of her scab-covered lips turn upwards. A smile.

     "I'll leave you two alone. If you need anything, ask Sharona, the nurse."

     Then, he left.

     "Luna, Mommy's here. Are you okay?"

     "Momma," She spoke with a raspy voice. "I'm scared, Momma." As usual, she knew how to make my heart melt. I wanted to pull her into my lap, to comfort her. But I couldn't. It seemed childish and inappropriate. I settled for clutching her hand in my own.

     "It's okay. I'm here. Hey, I have an idea. Tell me more about that kitten you saw at Emmy Park."

     I knew she could go on for hours about that little cat. In fact, she had. While I half-listened to her, my mind wander to the incident. Was there anything I could have done to save her?

     Sharona, the nurse, asked me to leave so that Luna could get some sleep. I took the opportunity to ask about her. I stepped out into the hallway and ushered for the nurse to come out too.

     "How is she?"

     "Look, Miss King. When we took Luna into the operating room, it was just standard procedure; we only needed to stitch up few wounds. But during the operation, we found something fatal. We guess that a small piece of metal got stuck in her throat. She must have inhaled it. You see, we found it in her lung. It's definitely going to be the death of her."

     "How - How long do you think she has?"

     "Not long. A week tops."

     But she lived longer than a week. I spent an entire month at the hospital, watching her condition worsen, watching her slowly die. Serinity was the same way, which made sense. She loved Luna with all her heart, maybe a little more. It was weird, though. Serinity constantly stared at me like it was all my fault. Like I should be the one that the Grim Reaper had next on his waiting list.


     I pulled open the door to Room Seventy-seven.

     "Mommy!" Luna called out. Serinity looked up; her eyes, puffy and red, stared up at me with an intensity that I had never seen before.

     "Goodbye, Luna. I love you." Tears spilled down her face as she kissed Luna on the forehead. She left quickly.

     I slowly walked towards Luna, as though a sudden movement would cause her to shatter into a billion pieces.

     "Mommy, sit down," I obeyed. Luna, between great breaths of air, continued. "I know who did this."

     "What? Who?"

     "I put it together today, with some help"

     "Who did this?"

     "I can't say. I pinkie-promised." Luna gasped for air. "Remember going to Sunday School last Easter?"

     "Of course. Why?"

     "Jesus died for me," Luna inhaled. "Now, I die for you." She pulled me closer and kissed my cheek.

     Hot tears flooded my eyes. I could only form five words. "I love you too, Luna." Her green eyes closed and she smiled. Then, a long beep. I shot my glance up to the heart monitor. Flatline. Tears streaked my face. I leaned forward to give her one last kiss.

     "Goodbye, my sweet." I stood up and left.

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