The Quarterback

Lupe is a 24 year old student at the University of Washington in Seattle. Aunt of 5 year old Joseph. They both love the San Francisco 49ers. They go to a game in Seattle and get to meet the teams. What she didn't know was that, that day would change her life forever.


4. Someone Who I'm Not

"So what did Colin want?" Urania asked as she drove us to the Tukwila mall.

"Nothing. He just wanted to invite me to go somewhere before he left" I responded looking out the window.

"and what did you say?" She asked once more.

"I agreed sort of.I mean it's not bad is it? We can just be friends?" I replied.

"See that's your problem. You can't be mad at anyone for too long. You eventually just want to be friends. Why can't you be a normal girl with enemies and some cheese in your life" Urania ranted.

"I have plenty of cheese in my life excuse you. What's fun about having enemies.I mean like if I was an Apple I would like to be friends with a knife because even though it seems dangerous that blade can just be smoothed out and it wouldn't be sharp anymore.It would just be a piece of medal.People are like that.You just gotta find out how to smooth them out because you can cut youself" I explained my logic to her.

"That was deep.But you need to try at least to not take him back so easily" She said.

"Whatever. It's better to have friends than have enemies." I told her.

"If only everyone thought like you did, that innocent little mind of yours was everyone's then maybe we wouldn't live in a world like this" She said.

"Well I'm me and their them. There's No fun if everyone is the exact same mam"

"Just shut up and take the compliment" She said laughing.

I laughed with her. The rest if the ride consisted of us singing our little hearts out and the occasional So how's your family?

When we arrived we went towards JCPenny. We started looking for dresses. I found this one dress that looked like one I saw online.I might as well right? It was a blue sequenced top and the skirt was like a pencil skirt and reached mid thigh.I would match it with some wedges I had.

Urania got a collard button down no sleeve top. she Also got a mini skirt and some black pumps to match.We walked to the Chinese food place. I got chow mien and urania got the special meal of the day.

We ate and then went to fill up the tank of her car. When we got to the dorms it was 5:47. The party didn't start till 8. I hurried to go shower. Afterwards I got ready a 'm d did my hair.Urania was right behind me as we got ready.

"You look gorgeous Loops" Urania told me.

"So do you ranran" I told her.

By the time we were done it was.8:30. The frat house was about 15 minutes from here driving. We left and got there at 8:50.

As we entered the place was already near full.

"I'm gonna go look for Ian, you Go find Jaime!" Urania told me.

"Okay." I said.

"I heard my name" I heard a deep voice behind me. It was the one and only Jaime Marquez. Star Soccer player at UW.

"Oh hey!" I said.

"Hey.Wow, You look beautiful" He complimented me.

"Thank you. You look nice" I replied.

"Thank you" He said. "Would you like to come dance with me." He asked.

"Sure why not?" I said smiling. I followed him to where everyone else was dancing.

"So Lupe.How have you been. I haven't been able to talk to you in like forever" He said.

"Good.I guess" I replied.

"If you don't mind me asking. Why did you move out of the highschool?" He asked.

"I kind of don't want to talk about it. Its a really long story that I don't have time to tell" I told him.

"It's fine. You don't have to" He said.

We danced until we got tired. Someone offered me a drink, but I don't drink unless it's a special occasion so I don't take it.

When I left it was 2:40 AM. Urania was probably going to hook up with Ian or just spend the night there. Instead of staying at the dorms I grabbed my keys and some clothes and put it in a duffel bag. It is Friday night and no classes until Monday night. Although I love Seattle. sometimes I just need to get away.

I put my stuff in my car and drove home. To Mount Vernon. Where my family was.Even though I lived terrible things there I can't help but go back. Its my way of telling myself. That's where you used to be. Now you've succeeded and moved on with your life.

As I drove I couldn't help but remember what Jaime had asked me; Why did you leave the high school?

If only he knew. If only they all knew. That night changed me. I became someone who I'm not. I am not who I used to be. Who I am now is trying to hide what happened that one night. And if only it was just that night. When that man started my misery. My pain and suffering. If only I could tell someone. But no. I keep it hidden away so no one will ever find out.

I hadn't realized I had been crying until I snapped out of those thoughts and stepped on the breaks.When the light turned red.

When I reached home it was almost 4:30 AM. My dad would probably be awake making coffee and getting ready to go to work.

I was right. I opened the door and saw my dad sitting at the table reading the news paper.

"Hey daddy" I greeted giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"Que paso niña. Has estado llorando?" (What happened girl. Have you been crying?) He replied.

"No. Es poque no me é cambiado mis contactos del ojo" (No. Its just I haven't changed my eye contacts). I explained.

"Estas segura?" (Are you sure?) He asked.

"Mhm" I said yawning while nodding.

"Ve a acostarte" (Go lay down) My dad said.

I went up stairs and into my room. I still have my old room. Originally it was going to be my nephews but my dad decided to build a wall in the middle of my brothers room. He had a giant room. Biggest room in the house. Then he halved it and now the other half belongs to my nephew.


I woke up to a little boys' voice.

"Tia! Auntie! Loop! WAKE UP!!!!" he yelled.

"Mijo déjala que se duerme" (son let her sleep) I heard my mom. 

I got up and received my little nephew in my arms. My mom greeted me with a goodmorning. I gave her a kiss and got up. I tied my hair up in a messy ponytail. As soon as i got up my eyes started hurting and they started watering. I have to change my contacts but i left them at the dorm. Great. Just great. I went into the bathroom and my old glasses were there. I grabbed them and took my contacts out. I had to put my glasses on. 

As soon as i was done brushing my hair and dressing up, I walked downstairs. I tripped on a little body which belonged to my little nephew.

"Sorry baby, watch out man" I told him walking towards the kitchen. "Mommy, I'm hungry" I whined to my mother.

"Pues agarra algo para que comas" (Then grab something to eat) she said checking the fridge.

"But I havent eaten your food in a while" I complained. 

"Horita te ago algo pues" (I'll make you something in a while) She said taking the bread out and eggs.

"Thank you," I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

I went back to my room and checked my phone. I had friend requests on facebook, follow requests on instagram and twitter, and a couple of questions on 

I had several texts. Some were from Jaime, others from Urania, eight from Colin, a few from Sebastian, a couple from an unknown number.

I checked Jaimes first;

Wanna hang out sometime?

Unless you're busy

You don't have to say yes.

I'm sorry

Can you text me back?

Urania gave me your number.

She said she gave you mine.

I'm Jaime by the way.

We met at the game?

We danced together yesterday.

Are you mad at me?

I texted back,

I'm not mad. Sorry. I kind of came home after the party. I'm at my house. I won't be back til Monday (:

Next I checked Uranias;

Where are you? Colin came.

He's waiting for you.

I'm going to send him to your house if you don't answer

You leave me no choice.

One last time.I'm giving you 20 minutes for you to respond, if no I'm sending him.

The last text was received an hour ago.I started panicking. If he gets here my dad will kill him. Maybe he won't come. Yeah, let's stick with that.

Next I Checked Sebastians;

Girl! Jaime wanted your number! Should I give it to him.

I didn't.

You're welcome XD

Send me a pass on Candy Crush!

Loops! There's some dude who asked for your number!

I didn't give it. Don't worry. (:

Lastly I checked the unknown number, I decided to ignore Colins.

I know where you live.

I Want to see my baby, Lupe.

When can I go?

Oh My Gosh. He did not. How. Why? When?

I was about to break down into tears. My past was coming back. I can't. Why are people like that. They live to ruin lives.

"Tia! GUESS WHAT!" My little nephew said barging in.

"What?" I said trying not to think about the texts I had just gotten.

"Colin is outside!!!!" He said.

"What?!" I shouted.

"REMEMBER! Colin Kaepernick! Number 7! Quarterback! Really tall. Tia you can't forget.

"No I remember. Come with me" I said grabbing his hand. We both walked down stairs and opened the door to reveal a tall human skyscraper by the name of Colin Kaepernick.

"Hey Lupe, wanna go out or something?" He asked.

"Sure, but where?" I asked.

"Why don't we go to taco bell?" He asked.

"Let me tell my mom. Can we take my nephew?" I asked.

"Sure why not?" He said smiling.

"Okay let me go put my shoes on," I said closing the door.

I put my boots on and went to tell my mom who hadn't even started making me food. Josh and I started walking towards the door.

We went to Taco Bell and ate. Josh had fun running around being annoying while Colin pretended Josh was super fast that he couldn't catch up.

"So Lupe, I was wondering, since you know I have more time to be here, if you could take me back" He said sitting.

"Look, Colin I have so much to do right now. You know how it's like to be in college and I can't deal with having a boyfriend" I explained.

"So, can we be friends then?" He asked.

"I would like that" I said.

"Okay." He said looking disappointed.

"Josh! C'Mon, let's go home buddy!" I said.

He ran over and I put his jacket on him. Colin drove us home and I thanked him. I checked my phone and had 2 texts. Both from the same number I got earlier.

He's not our son!

Where is our kid! I will find you and kill you if I find out you're hiding it.

I texted back;

WE don't have a kid.

Immediately he texted back;

So is it that Kapernick's Kid?!

I replied;

He's my nephew! I never had a baby! Go ahead and investigate. I would never have a baby with someone like you!

He soon replied;

You are a filthy slut and you deserve what happened. You're obviously still a whore!

I answered;

Are you sure? Last time I checked whores aren't forced to have sex.

A minute later;

That's what you get for being so damn sexy. Oh I would love to do the things I did to you back then. You sure got even more sexy then you were before.

I began trembling in fear of him coming back.

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