The Quarterback

Lupe is a 24 year old student at the University of Washington in Seattle. Aunt of 5 year old Joseph. They both love the San Francisco 49ers. They go to a game in Seattle and get to meet the teams. What she didn't know was that, that day would change her life forever.


2. Game Day

"Thanks again for taking him" My brother Jose said.

"No problem" i said.

"Josh your going to be a good boy for your tia right?" Jose asked his son.

"Yes daddy" he said looking up at my brother.

"Josh go grab your backpack" i said.

"Okay" he said running up the stairs.

"Lupe please don't get into any trouble. I have one more ticket. I got three because i was going to bring you along, now that i can't, i want you to take Isaiah with you" my brother said.

Isaiah Gonzalez. My most favorite guy in the world. He would always go up to me and hug me. It was really weird. My brother is one of his best friends. As soon as he said that my phone started ringing.

"Hello" i answered.

"Hey Lupe, i was wondering where we should meet?"

"Um at the gas station by the freeway entrance"

"The shell one?"

"Yes. Sir"

"Alrighty, bye!"



Isaiah and I started towards the freeway. I had turned up the volume to the radio so Josh wouldn't be bored. We sang along to the songs. He sorta reminds me of my brother. Always singing.

Once we got to the stadium it was 10:27. The game started at 3:45. We all went to subway to eat. When we finished eating we made our way to the stadium entrance. It was 12:00 when we entered. There was a man waiting at the entrance. He came up to us and asked if we had passes for Team Greets. I told him we did and showed him our passes. He nodded and started walking us to the back.

I held onto Josh's hand. We were walking into what I'm guessing was the lockers. Josh got super excited when he saw Russell Wilson. He pulled on my hand so I could lean over. I did exactly that.

"Tia that's Russell Wilson!!!" He whispered to me.

I gotta admit he was cute. He started walking towards us.

"Hi" He said.

"Hey" we all answered.

"So what are your names?" He asked.

"I'm Lupe" I said.

"I'm Josh" Josh said jumping.

"I'm Isaiah" Isaiah said.

"Well nice to meet you all" He said, "C'Mon in. Don't just stand there!"

We all walked in. Josh started running around and jumping everywhere. He talked to some players and all. Isaiah was just talking to some if the line backers. I was being shy ol' me and standing in a corner watching Josh playing with everyone.

"It's always fun to have a kid around huh?" I heard a deep voice say behind me. I jumped because I got scared.

"Uh, not really, they seem cute and all innocent but then they strike like a cobra man. Especially since they like to wake you up so early along with their annoying dad making you go to school" I ranted.

"Sounds like an exciting family you 3 have" Russell said.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

"Isn't that your son, and boyfriend?" He asked.

"NO! No, no, no. See that's my nephew", I said pointing at Josh. "and that's my friend" I said pointing at Isaiah.

"ahhh that makes sense. I was wondering how a young girl like you could have a baby." he said.

I laughed.

"very. Hey how ab-" He got cutoff.

"Hi I'm coach Pete Carroll, Russell introduce me to your friend" the coach said.

"Well coach this is Lupe" Russell said.

the coach stuck out his hand so I could shake it, and I did.

"Firm grip I see. Russell here isn't intimidating you at all" He said.

"Nope. I've heard it all before" I laughed.

I was walking towards Josh so we could go to the 49ers section. I grabbed his hand and we all walked again with the dude that brought us in.

As we walked I took out my jersey from Joshs backpack and put it on. It was Kaepernicks jersey. Josh had one too. He had Davis, Vernon Davis, number 85.

We walked in and Josh did the same thing he jumped around and laughed.

"Just to make things clear, not my kid, he's my nephew. The guy is my friend" I said.

Everyone nodded. I grabbed my phone and Josh yelled, "Tia!! Take a picture!!".

I took a picture of Josh, he was with Vernon Davis. Matching jerseys. I laughed at how funny they looked.

"We should get a picture too!" I heard a very manly voice behind me. When I turned around I almost puked. It was the one and only Colin Kaepernick.

I laughed and said, "you guys should really not do that".

"Do what?" He asked.

"Sneak up on people. Its not cool" I responded.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to" He said.

"It's fine" I said.

"I'm Colin" He introduced himself.

"I'm Lupe. It's nice to meet you" I responded.

"So...that picture," he said quietly.

"Sure why not!" I said.

He's really tall. I'm not short. Well sort of, I'm 5' 4''. He's approximately 6 feet something. I have to look up to look at him. I grabbed my phone out and realized I had no space to take a picture. It kind of sucked. The camera was for me to take pictures of the game and Josh.

"um, I kind of don't have any space on my phone to take a picture" I said looking at him.

"We can take it on mine and I can text it to you" He said.

"Sure why not?" I realized what he was up to.

He went over to his locker and got out what I'm guessing is his phone. He has an iPhone. He unlocked it and he had Vernon take the picture of our backs facing the camera. We took another one where we were pointing to the number on our backs. Then another with us facing the camera. We hugged before he got his phone back. He smelled nice. He probably won't smell like that after the game. I laughed at the thought.

"So Lupe what's your number so I can send them to you?" I heard Colin say.

"Its (360) ___-____" I gave him my number. My area code is from my home town. Not Seattle's. 
"Okay. I'll send them in a minute. What's your instagram username?" He asked.

"Lupe_here" I said.

"Is it this one?" He asked showing me his screen. It was me, I nodded in response.

"I'm following you... You never followed back" I said.

"I'm sorry" He said. His eyes told me he really meant it.

I laughed, I really don't know why but when ever something is awkward I laugh..

"Guys! We need to start getting ready to leave!" I heard Isaiah say. He was standing at the door the whole time. He's not a 49ers fan.

"Hey! I'm Frank" I heard. I turned around and Frank Gore was right there.

"Oh my Lord hi! I'm Lupe!" I said laughing.

"How old are you? I mean you don't have to answer. It's just you look really young." He said

"I'm 24. I'll be 25 in December" I stated.

"Oh well you look a lot younger" He responded.

"Can we get a picture?" I asked.

"Sure why not"

We took pictures with the whole team. we even got to meet the head coach, Jim Harbaugh.


We lost. We lost bad. 3-29. Josh was disappointed, very disappointed. When we left I felt my phone buzz.

You had me distracted the whole time.

I texted back,

Not exactly my fault.

Isaiah started looking for the cars. Josh was with him. I followed a bit behind them. One guy came up to me and whispered in my ear,

"Sweety how about we go take that jersey off and replace it with mine?"

"How about no" I said walking away.

I knew I shouldn't have worn shorts today. It's just really hot and I couldn't even. The jersey was big it's almost longer than my shorts so it makes it look like I have nothing on but the jersey from an angle.

Once we found the cars I got Josh in and buckled. He was really tired. I drove to McDonald's and got him a happy meal. I got myself a salad and French fries. I've gotta have some type of junk. I'm vegetarian. Don't get me started on why I am.

Josh ate and once I got to my parents house, he was sound asleep. I took him out of his car seat and carried him into the house.

It was 9pm. I carried him to his room and lay him down in his bed. I took his shoes off and covered him with his blanky. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and walked out. I slightly shut the door.

As I walked down the stairs I heard voices coming from the kitchen. I assumed everyone else was there.

"Mijo, tienes que ir al colegio si quieres ayudar a tu hijo en el futuro" (Son, you have to go to college if you want to help your son in the future) I heard my mom say.

"Lady's got a point" I said.

"When did you get here?" Jose asked.

"Like a couple minutes ago, I took Josh up to his bed because he fell asleep in the car on our way here" I explained.

"Oh. How was it?" He asked.

"Very fun" I said smiling, then I frowned, "Except for we lost"

"How much?" He asked again.

"3-29" I answered.

"No!" He exclaimed.


My mom and dad looked at us and we looked at them.

"Well I have to leave if I wanna get back in time to sleep" I said grabbing my keys from the counter.

"Ya te vas?" (Are you leaving?) My mom asked.

"Si. Voy a tener clases en la mañana, mañana" (Yes. I'm going to have classes in the morning tomorrow) I said.

"Ten"(here) My dad said handing me $50, "Para el gas" (for gas)

"Gracias" I said thanking him. "Alomejor vengo el viernes en la tarde" (I might come Friday in the afternoon)

"Me llamas si vas a venir" (Call me if you're going to come) My mom said.

"Esta bien. Bye, ya tengo sueño" (Okay, bye I'm tired) I said.

"Te cuidas!" (Stay safe) I heard my mom and dad say.

I got into my car and drove to the gas station. I filled up the tank with the 50 my dad gave me. I bought myself a snack with my own money. 
As I was heading towards the freeway my phone started ringing. I threw it in the backseat and turned up the radio.

When I got on campus I went to park my car. I get free parking because I'm a student. I had to walk to the dorms now. I grabbed my jacket and closed the door. I opened the back door and realized that I forgot to take the car seat out. I mentally face palmed myself. I grabbed my phone and backpack from there. I closed the door and started walking towards the dorm building.

Once I finally got there I grabbed my card from my pocket and swiped it so I could get in. I had to get in the elevator and press 5. I was in floor 5 room 121. I unlocked the door and Urania, my roommate, was already asleep.

I walked into the bathroom and took my contacts out. I put my glasses on as soon as my contacts were out. I brushed my teeth and then washed my face. I have a somewhat oily face so I wash it every morning and night.

As soon as I was done I went to my bed and grabbed my laptop. I checked for any new emails. I had one from Megan Lanray. I opened it.

Hello Lupe,
I'm Ms. Lanray. I'm a teacher at Laventure Middle School in Mount Vernon. I heard you went here and have been an AVID student since you came here. We wanted to ask if you are able to come to talk to the students about AVID.

Megan Lanray

I emailed her back, saying I would love to go and such. I have class early tomorrow so I better sleep.

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