The Quarterback

Lupe is a 24 year old student at the University of Washington in Seattle. Aunt of 5 year old Joseph. They both love the San Francisco 49ers. They go to a game in Seattle and get to meet the teams. What she didn't know was that, that day would change her life forever.


3. 4 Months Later

*catch up*

(A/N: Sorry I haven't posted so this will basically catch up for the 4 months that have passed since that game)

They lost. After all that hard work they lost. I felt my phone vibrate.


I decided whether or not to answer, but it did.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Lupe! It's so nice to hear you" he said breathing out.

"Nice game. How's Navarro?" I asked once more.

"He really hurt himself and can we talk about that some other time, I just really needed to hear you" He said.

"Well I don't need to hear you. So if you could just tell me what you need or want so I could get back to what I was doing that would be great" I responded.

"Lupe I'm sorry, what happened wasn't what it seems. I would never do that to you I was just hanging out with a friend" He  insisted.

"Whatever. I don't care, bye" I said hanging up.

About 3 months ago Colin and I started dating. We went out for about a month until I had to get back to school. We broke up because he decided to cheat on me. Ever since then I've started seeing this one guy, Jaime. We knew each other in middle school and he's on the schools soccer team.

Jaime is an old friend. I didn't even know he came to this school until my roommate Urania made me go to a game. We met at a party that this frat house threw.

He took me out to get coffee before class and we caught up on things. Turns out he transferred here from SVC. He's really nice and has made me forget about Colin.

"So how are things with you and Jam(Jaime)?" Urania asked.

"Good" I said calmly.

"Good?" She asked annoyed.

"Yes good. We're just friends. I highly doubt we'll go out any time soon" I said.

"Really? Is it because of Kaepernick? If it is you need to get over him. He's not the only guy you'll ever meet. Plus you only went out for a month." She responded.

"Well it's not because of him. It's because I have to study if I wanna graduate on time. I have to focus on my studies. Ive spent too much money trying to even pay off everything" I said.


Knock Knock Knock Knock

Urania looked at me,

"Ugh I'll get it" I exclaimed getting up.

I opened the door and it was the one and only,

Colin Kaepernick

"Lupe please hear me out" He pleaded.

"What?" I spat out.

"You don't know the whole story" He said.

"Well I don't think I want to know" I simply said hoping he would leave.

"C'Mon. Here me out she's just a friend. I drove her there and then we ended up going to my house" he explains.

"Whatever I don't care. We aren't together anymore" I told him.

"Just come on a date with me. Let me make it up to you" He pleaded.

"I'm busy" I stated.

"Doing what?" He asked.

"Studying, you went to college as well sir, YOU should know this." I stated.

"True, but how about Sunday. I'm not leaving until Wednesday. Let me take you on a date" He said.

"Fine," I gave in. He would have just kept insisting until I said yes.

"okay, I'll pick you up at 3" he said.

"Okay, bye" I said closing the door.

"How'd he even get in the building?" Urania asked.

"I don't even know" I said sitting on my bed.

"We need to go" Urania said.

"Where?" I asked.

"To Jaime's frat house. They're having a party today and he invited us so we must go shopping to get you a dress." She explained.

"UGHHH" I groaned.

"C'Mon, I need to get something too, he has a friend named Ian and he looks cute so I'm gonna see what I can do" Urania said.

"fine" I said.

We put our shoes on and headed towards the car in the parking shed.

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