This is a story I writing for my Pre-IB English class. I t is about a girl who meets an old man named Sebastian and becomes friends with him. The whole story has to be no more the five pages but, I might write more here.


5. The Hospital

Two weeks later

            I was walking home from the library when I saw an ambulance in front of our house. They were putting Sebastian in the ambulance. I spotted my parents, and ran to them. “What is happening?” I asked.

            “We were talking with Sebastian when he suddenly slumped over. So, we called an ambulance.” My mother said.

            “Do you think he will be ok?” I said trying to hide fear in my voice.

            “I don’t know.” My dad said.

            We were silent on the way to the hospital. We sat silently in the hospital. I had never prayed in my life until then. I did not even know who I was praying to, and I did not care, as long as someone heard me. After a few minutes the doctor came in and told us that he was gone. I started to cry, I felt like my whole world was falling apart.

            “Was he your grandfather? The doctor asked.

            “No,” I said, “He was my best friend.”

The End

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