This is a story I writing for my Pre-IB English class. I t is about a girl who meets an old man named Sebastian and becomes friends with him. The whole story has to be no more the five pages but, I might write more here.


4. The Angel


“Hey, Meg! You should see this.” Sebastian yelled from across the yard.

            I walked over, “Oh, my goodness!” Under the tangle of vines that Sebastian had been pulling was a small statue of an angel. It was beautiful.

            “I think this is a very good sign,” Sebastian said quietly I nodded in silent agreement.

            “Meg! Sebastian! Time for dinner,” My mother yelled, breaking the silence. We obediently returned to the house. After we had washed our hands, we sat down at the table.

            “You guys will never be able to guess what Sebastian and I found in the garden!” I told my Mom and Dad.

            “A statue of an angel?” My Dad said.

            “What? How do you know that?” I said, disappointed that I had not been able to surprise them.

            “You can be rather loud when you are happy.” My Dad said.

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