This is a story I writing for my Pre-IB English class. I t is about a girl who meets an old man named Sebastian and becomes friends with him. The whole story has to be no more the five pages but, I might write more here.


2. Sebastian

I stood out in our new backyard making a list of all the things I would need to turn the sorry excuse for a backyard into a proper garden. I had always dreamed of having a big garden; so, to try to make up for moving, my parents had let me take over our backyard, provided that I footed the bill. When I said the backyard was pathetic I was being generous; it was a mess of vines and weeds. There was a rusty greenhouse with no glass left.  Despite these setbacks, I planned to turn it into a floral wonderland. There would be roses climbing up the side of the house, I would fix the greenhouse, and there would be a variety of different fragrant flowers. I was just figuring out where the daffodils should go when I heard my mother yelling from the upstairs window that I should get ready for dinner. I groaned. We were going to have some elderly neighbor over for dinner. That sounded like the definition of horrible. 

After I had washed my hands, I heard I knock at the door.

“Will you get that for me?” My mother asked. I obediently opened the door. On our doorstep was an old man.

“Hello, you must be Sebastian” I said, pasting a smile on my face.

“And you must be the lovely Meg. I would like to be the first one to welcome you to the neighborhood” He said as he pulled out a bunch of flowers from behind his back.

I have to admit I gasped. They were beautiful! The roses were sublime, and smelled so heavenly.

“They are from my own garden,” he said.

I finally remembered my manners and invited him in. I put the roses in a vase the center of the dinner table. We then all sat down at the table. I silently ate my food while the adults talked about the weather and the economy.

I was surprised when Sebastian addressed me, “So, you like gardening?”

I looked up, “Yes.”

“I’d like to hear what you have planed for your backyard. This house used to have the most beautiful garden.”

For the rest of dinner we talked about gardening. By the end of the night we were best friends.

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