This is a story I writing for my Pre-IB English class. I t is about a girl who meets an old man named Sebastian and becomes friends with him. The whole story has to be no more the five pages but, I might write more here.


1. Prologue

       I did no want to move to Maryland. I hated humidity. There were too many trees, and way too many people. I guess you could say I was a Kansas kind of girl.

       My parents said that it would be a fun learning experience and a chance to make some “real” friends. That last comment hurt. It was true that I had no real friends but I never needed any. I was content to just be me, Margaret Guinevere Smith, or as everyone knew me, Meg. Besides, I always thought all of my peers were shallow and stupid. And who needs friends when you have books? I loved to read. By the time I was twelve I had read basically every book in our little local library and would count down the days until our bookstore got a new load of books. I also had an amazing imagination, which was a curse and a blessing. I could imagine myself anywhere and would do amazing things. I was often a tragic heroine who had to sacrifice herself for the good of the country or who was forced to do things against her will. But if I watched a scary movie I would not be able to sleep for weeks. My parents liked to say I lived in a whole different universe then everyone else.

       Despite my protests, we moved to Maryland. Though I did not know it, it was the best decision my parents would ever make...

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