Im your diana

mayrie is a fan of one direction . as in every directioner she follows harry. one day he post a picture. this post leave your kiik name and ill kik you. what happen if she gets a message from a curly haired boy named harry, will the love.


2. we just like to kik

hey guys, keep commenting on what name i should call you guys and we will get back to that OK!  so this is the first chapter!    

as i was sweating from the heat in England  just to tell you that England weather is pretty cool but today it was hot. i enter the house and try to run past my mom, but she stops me. " mayrie wear are you going honey", nothing mom just some home work you know got to keep those grades "OK honey but your health teacher called and said your failing again and if you don't work it your going to stay back'. ugh mom i call im so, tired 'fine honey" she calls as i run up the stairs. i plumed down on the bed and got my iPod out of my back pocket and put it on my mini speaker and turned up the music, as the sound got got louder i hummed " and WE DANCED ALL NIGHT TO THE BEST SONG EVER WE KNEW EVERY SINGLE LINE EVEN THO I CANT REMEMBER I THINK IT WENT OHHH I THINK IT WENT YEAH YEAH YEAH OHHHHH ". As the next part came i called my friend Elaine she heard the music and screamed 'said her name was Georgia rose owwwwww " hey gurl i said to the speaker i i turned down the music and laughed. 


after getting help on the math and history homework , i was so fucking tired sorry for my speaking terms im so bad haha even tho i get all a's in English i think to my self. as i was about to go down stairs for dinner ,as my phone started to ring. i look at the caller ID and its Elaine, i wondered why she was calling me i told her i was going to dinner , why would she call me ? as i picked up i heard her scream and say get on instagram. as i hang up i jump on instagram and update my page and i see a post from harry fucking styles this is crazy and he want every one to put their kiks down below. without even thinking i put my kik down so fast i think i messed up but i fixed it.

harry's pov 

as i posted this not even to seconds later i got 8,000 likes damn our girls are ninja's as i laugh at what i just said all the boys walk. "harry have you picked your girl yet" niall ask . no niall i cant  ' oh my gosh harry hurry up " liam snorted as zayn laughed. Lou walked up to me he handed me a  note with a user name on it and it said sexydirectioner_6969. as the all snickered i asked this is my girl they laughed yes 'and we already ended the contest so that stalker you have right there is your kik buddy' i groaned. as liam tells us to get to bed because we have an interview for the contest we are doing , which we just ended, and i get the stalker!


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