Im your diana

mayrie is a fan of one direction . as in every directioner she follows harry. one day he post a picture. this post leave your kiik name and ill kik you. what happen if she gets a message from a curly haired boy named harry, will the love.


14. note

to do list 

1.)follow me on instagram at @mystiquea8

2.)we got 9 likes 109 reads and 13 comments on this book 

3.)get this book to 150 or 200 reads 

4.)leave you instagram name ill follow you

5.)question of the day ; what do you think will happen next hmm 

6.)have a great day and directioner  mofo's

im going to a dance tomorrow and you guys know that i go ever Friday so 

and i will prob update to day maybe cause i have food poisoning cause my school gave me raw 

meat and then i had to go to the doctors and this girl wants to fight me im like bitch um ill hurt you ima directioner duh so ya and comment the worst thing you were called ?


also who ever comes with the best ideas will win for what you think happens next 




:) :0 :) :0 :) ;0 




love mystique to 



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