Im your diana

mayrie is a fan of one direction . as in every directioner she follows harry. one day he post a picture. this post leave your kiik name and ill kik you. what happen if she gets a message from a curly haired boy named harry, will the love.


13. next chappter and note

hey missdirectioners 




well heres our to do list 



to do list 

1.)follow me on instagram at @mystiquea8

2.)we got 8 likes 92 reads and 12 comments on this book 

3.)get this book to 100 or 500 reads 

4.)leave you instagram name ill follow you

5.)question of the day ; how do you get live streams and are you doin 1D day

6.)have a great day and directioner on mofo's




:) :0 :) :0 :) ;0 




love mystique to 




miss directioner 

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