Im your diana

mayrie is a fan of one direction . as in every directioner she follows harry. one day he post a picture. this post leave your kiik name and ill kik you. what happen if she gets a message from a curly haired boy named harry, will the love.


5. is this a good thing or a bad

as i wake up in the morning i feel tired as ever i just want to sleep, i tell my mom im not feeling to good so she just says stay home. as she leaves for work she drops of my Starbucks latte of course i put on my one direction music but when im about to play it i get a kik message. i pressed  the notification and i see the name HARRYSTYLES6969 , i laugh but then i noticed another text and it says you've one our contest. i start to get crazy and i hurry and text back not trying to sound like a complete idiot 


m-hi did i win lol


h-yes you did love , now you get to text me all you want for a whole year 

i was dead inside i really won 

m-this is so great ugh 

 as me and harry got to know each other we, bonded really good but then he asked if he could see me so i send him this pic i took before school started yesterday.

h-wow your so beautiful 

that when i lost it i started screaming but inside i thought he didn't mean it 


harry's pov 

omg this girl is so hot she just turns me on so much. i call the boys in here so i can brag, hey boys i say as they step in "hey mate what you doing talking to your stalker" Louis commented. all the boys laughed. yea Lou i am talking to her want to see her. as i show the boys her they all call dibs. sorry boys she my stalker as i smirked they all hated me right now. as they left the room i messaged her that we could call each other she said OK  , i heard the excitement in he voice just made me laugh.

she gave me her number and i dialed and on the fourth ring she picked up

m- hello 

her voice was so sweet and soft and a little high pitched but perfect 

h- hey sweetie , ow you doing love. 

m- oh im doing good you. 

 i don't know what got into me but i got turned on and i started flirting hardcore 

h- bad until you got i n my life i said into the speaker 

m- awe harry that's so sweet she said 

her voice made it harder to breath i had to have her she is just so good looking i wondered if she is a virgin cause if she is im going to have to stop and sign off and help my little pronblem downstairs, if you know what i mean she is just wow!

h- so want to play truth or dare 

m- yea sure you go first 

h- OK truth or dare 

m- dare 

h- i dare you to send a picture of your outfit 

m-OK i will 

when i got the picture she had on a tank top that showed a lot of cleavage and see threw and sum short shorts that shaped her ass so good i just want to do her , i stopped myself why am i thinking about this i asked myself. i don't know and i don't care i just need her to help me 

m- OK truth or dare 

h- truth 

m- whats your fave beanie 

i cant believe she asked that but what eves

h- blue and truth or dare 

m- truth 

h- are you a virgin 

m- um..... yes lol 

omg i have to go i told her i have to help my problem downstairs

this is the picture of what she was wearing omg he loves it lol

hey don't forget to follow me on istagram @mystiquea8 OK and @justtaboobear won the contest me name for you guys is missdirectioner lol! also should i make and instagram account for this book lol

question of the day -------- did you know the have build a bear work shop bears of one direction i made me own lol yassssssss love you guy 

                                                                                  love mystique to missdirectioner 


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