Im your diana

mayrie is a fan of one direction . as in every directioner she follows harry. one day he post a picture. this post leave your kiik name and ill kik you. what happen if she gets a message from a curly haired boy named harry, will the love.


7. im i a bad girl underneath

as i get up from bed i have 2 missed calls and 5 kik messages and 3 face times. as i get up i replied to one of the messages 

m- hey harry ;)

h- hey sexy babe 

m- hmm are you OK lol

h- yea want to face time 

m- OK harry 

warning sex in next part beware 

not even 20 seconds later i get a call on face time and as i except he looks at me with wide eyes. "wow their looks like you just had sex "  he looked mad at the idea that i had sex but i didn't. no harry i just woke up. "OK babe chill out i was just asking' he replied. as i got up to get my cup of water of my stand i forgot that i had only my my underwear and bra and they were kinda of sex clothes. as i tired around his jaw was on his floor . i was shocked that harry fucking styles saw me fucking butt ass naked fuck i thought. as i began to cover up i hard a raspy deep voice "leave it off baby you look better". it was harry oh my fucking god did he just saw that 'turn around baby let me look at your ass" i heard him getting turned on so i turn around a twerk the way my friend jazmin teach me i heard him moan as i turn around he is jerkin of i was so surprised that hes doing that. he called my name in moans so lightly that it sent shivers down my back. "mayrie sit...(moan)...on the bed (moan)... and spread your legs ". i did as i was told, "take them off"  he panted. i obeyed and i was about to move he started to tell me what to do he told me 

1.) lick your fingers as in you lick my length

2.)rub and feel the cool breeze 

3.)stick your hand in and out as i did it i felt weird and out of breath for flicking my inner thighs a whole three hours i have like 6 orgasm but he cumed 5 time i screamed alot good thing my moms not here here. he chuckled  at me he said that was a good work out he said lets do it tomarow to i said yes of course it didn't feel that bad it felt good im going to try it some day. he told me when he comes up he will teach me different things. but for some reason i  cant wait im i a bad girl underneath?



oh hey missdirectioners well i know its short but did you like it! so far we have 32 reads and 4 likes and 4 comments so lets get it more and follow me on instagram @mystiquea8 and kik me @mangelique8. and question of the day ---- whats your favorite one direction song ? also leave your instagrams below and ill follow you so thanks and read my book on wattpad called welcome back styles!!!!!!!!!1


    missdirectioner ,<3 <3 <3

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