Im your diana

mayrie is a fan of one direction . as in every directioner she follows harry. one day he post a picture. this post leave your kiik name and ill kik you. what happen if she gets a message from a curly haired boy named harry, will the love.


12. are you going to eat that

as im walking to lunch i feel the cold breeze hit me as i step i the lunch room. "hey mayrie were going to be at our table" Jordan said . OK i replied shortly. as im walking in line i feel a hot breath me, get off of me you fucking stalker i said. 'its only me baby, how about that offer after school im free you know. i can make you feel good, just think about it. me baby going in and out and you screaming my name like im killing you and i cant wait for you to taste my-.". i shove my hand in his face to shut him up. never in a million years ( saw what i did there ) he chuckled as i grabbed my lunch as soon as i grabbed it, he slapped my ass, he really slapped my ass. i turned around i felt my blood rise that's when i did the unspeakable i threw my lunch tray on him. i was so pissed how the fuck can he do that. he grabs me and whisperers in my ear 'ill get that day watch".as i stormed out the lunch room and went to my locker this is just to much for me i needed to get home lets just get to study block and math and PE and go home .




as were in Bradford now we are dropping off zayn then im getting dropped of to so i can see may, i just cant wait. as i say bye to zayn i feel lonely because all the boys are at home ugh i can wait to see may. in the mean  time i go on instagram i see may posted a pic of her at the school and her comment was ' mad fucking pissed cause of this mofo's shit!". i clicked the link and started to watch this video. there was this boy he told he something weird or nasty cause she look so surprised then pissed and she turn around smashed her hand in his face he look annoyed but then smacked her ass with a smirk, i got so mad at this i was so pissed i could not wait to punch this ass in the face but i think that she got pissed to cause she turned around and threw her food on him. i laughed at that he seemed really mad now and then he whispered something to he she got mad and stormed out. i could not wait to see this guy he has another thing coming for him. the bus stopped a block from her house i just could not  wait any longer i started racing down the street.



mayrie pov 



as i finished math i race to my locker to get home me and harry are going to talk.i miss him so much as i started walking down my street i see a smirking boy looking at me at my door way. just not any  boy...........





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