Im your diana

mayrie is a fan of one direction . as in every directioner she follows harry. one day he post a picture. this post leave your kiik name and ill kik you. what happen if she gets a message from a curly haired boy named harry, will the love.


8. 2 bad boys who comes out on top

as i wake up i get dressed and i get ready for school. i take a shower and put on some high wasted floral shorts with a lace blouse and my i applier some natural color eye shadow ad some light mascara and liquid eye liner with some natural color lip gloss. i thought i look pretty cute. as  run down stairs i post a picture on instagram of me and my outfit. as soon as i posted it a comment poped up. it was...... Alec the captain of the football team that never loses he always tried  to get with me but i wasn't having it.

a-hey sexy, that's what your wearing to school.

m-yes Alec , what do you want.

a-good now i get to look at that sexy ass in those shorts 

m-shut the fuck up dick ass, why are you like that you are not getting MY V-CARD ASS WHOLE 

a-the offer is still up babe i never say no

i got so mad, when i looked at the clock i only got ten minutes to walk to my friend Jordan house. he is always so helpful. hes gay he has always been gay, but i still love him as a brother so i dont care about what anyone thinks. im grateful to have him in m life.


as i walk into Jordan house i hear him yell at Elaine. veronica and Jillian to see what he should wear. i just chuckle and i see a crumb cake on the kitchen table i run for it and i stuff it in my mouth. as i chew Jordan comes down and ask him for his crumb cake. i smile at him with the crumb cake in my mouth. as he sees he gets wide eyes and yell, 'MAYRIE WHAT DID YOU EAT MY CRUMB CAKE'. it wasn't my fault i said while bolting out the house so he cant catch me. i run but i trip on a rock and fall, as i fell i faked cry so when he reached me he tried to help me but i pushed him and kept on running. as im half way yo the school he catches me and spins me around i laugh and give him a kiss on the mouth, yes i give him a kiss on the  mouth he is gay so why not . " got you may'  he said. i laughed as we were joined by a car which was our friends veronica and Elaine. they looked at us weird and started laughing with us as we hope din the car and drove to school. today's going to be a long day.



sorry that its so short but i love it what about you guys and so far we have 5 likes 46 reads and 7 comments lets get these reads up girls and leave your instastgram in comment so i can follow you guys and question of the dayyyyyy- do you like 5sos and whats your fav song from them mines heart-breaker girl!!!!! haha 


love you missdirectioners 




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