High What!?!

Vampires-in-training, Erin and his best bud, Rion have to learn to cope with humans. They need to be able to live among humans. And in order to do that, they need to be able to survive the most terrifying thing: high school. But what happens when one curious freshman finds out Erin and Rion's secret?


1. What Happened Before...

Rion and Erin were by the lake that they went to every night. It was sort of their thing to do. They've been the best of friends since as long as they can remember.

It happened all of a sudden, what happened. Where they lived, vampires are known. They aren't not heard of. But attacks haven't happened for sixteen years which, not so ironically, is how old Erin and Rion are.

Rion was your average girl: not beautiful but not ugly either. She had dark brown, almost black hair. She never puts on so much make-up that you can mistake her for a clown. No, she puts on a little bit of mascara, eye shadow, and lip gloss. Not lipstick, lip gloss. Her eyes weren't too close or too far apart. She didn't have a models body. She didn't care if she ate a ton. That's the way she is. Honestly, she always wished that other girls would behave the way she did.

Erin is also your typical teenage boy, though he was taller than most. Erin is very athletic. He has flat abs but, he eats a lot, as well. He has messy, mousy hair. It is very soft and not long, but pretty long for a guy. He has soft, stormy grey eyes. They were never troubled, never had a problem shown, always happy. Erin was friend-zoned by Rion at age fourteen when he asked her out. But he didn't care. He knew that he would get rejected. And the best thing was, nothing became awkward between them. They were still friends 'till the end.

So they were sitting by a fire they made when it happened. Rion and Erin couldn't tell you exactly what happened if you asked. Though, you couldn't ask unless what happened to them happened to you or you knew about them in the first place. One minute, they were talking and laughing, then the next thing they knew, they were screaming and running for their lives. And the last thing they remembered was seeing each other before closing their eyes for eternal-almost eternal- sleep.

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