High What!?!

Vampires-in-training, Erin and his best bud, Rion have to learn to cope with humans. They need to be able to live among humans. And in order to do that, they need to be able to survive the most terrifying thing: high school. But what happens when one curious freshman finds out Erin and Rion's secret?


2. Chapter 1

Erin was walking alone around eight at night. Now, before you get ideas, Erin and his best bud, Rion are not like those stereotypical vampires that burn and die in the sun. They can eat garlic. They can drink holy water. And I mean, come on: stakes can kill anybody! They don't live forever, per say. They just live a slower life. Every one human year counts as two vampire years. But, they age at a four-year rate. It's very complicated. Anyways, Erin was walking down an unfamiliar road. He loved to find mysterious things while on walks. It calms his mind, to walk around at night. The most recent thing he has been thinking about was, "Why? Why was Rion and I the first to get attacked after all these years? Why? Why? Why..." Erin's thoughts were interrupted by a crack of a twig. He stopped in his tracks and listened to his surroundings. It was eerily quiet, yet, there was something there. He was sure of it. It felt as if somebody was watching him. He took three steps forward. He heard three steps coming toward him from behind. Erin turned his head ever so slightly and spun around as quick as lightning, but saw nothing. He shrugged his sleeve of his jacket back onto his shoulder and turned around and met the face of his stalker.

"Gosh, Rion! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!?" Erin yelps. Rion giggles and jumps on Erin's back. Erin gets her secure on his back and starts walking again. They were in comfortable silence for awhile.

"Were you thinking about that day, again?" She asks after awhile. Erin nods slightly. "Tsk. Erin, the answer will not come up. But I'm sure there was a reason for it." Rion was pretty much always the one to soothe things out when people needed it the most.

"Thanks, Rion. You're probably right. So where to?" Erin asks, jumping a bit to get her firmly on his back. Rion sighs heavily. Erin knows exactly what that meant: 'They', want to see them. It was Erin's turn to sigh. "Where are they this time?"

"Behind you." Erin gasps and trips over a rock, sending Rion flying over his shoulders to the floor in front of Erin. Erin bent to pick her up and dust her off. Rion swatted his hand away and shooed him to turn around and face Them. He does. He faces the man that started this whole way of life that he and Rion are to live up to, now. He bows low to the ground until he nearly falls from unbalanced forces, and unbends himself.

"Greetings, sir. To what do I owe this visit?" This time? Erin thought to himself. He also silently thanked the Gods that vampires cannot read minds.

"Well, Erin, we understand that you and Rion have been the way you are now for about 4 years now; am I correct?" Erin nods, not understanding what he was getting at. 'He' chuckles a bit and says, "Do not look so scared, my dear Erin. 'Tis not as bad as you think, what I am about to say. Trust me."

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