Its All Over.

When brooke goes on a camping trip and not paying attention. her life changes


2. stop

I instantly dropped the phone and ran. dunno were just some where. it was pitch black. i didn't want to wake anyone up so i didn't scream. i looked back and saw something and before i knew it there was no land beneath my bare feet

i tried moving then i looked and noticed i was falling. i screamed and nothing came out though. What the abrecrombie and fitch?! then i hit water. then i was out. 


Mum POV- i woke up and i dont know why, just spasms i guess. i look around the big tent and no brooke?!! i got up and out side and looked around-no brooke?! i thought maybe she went for a walk? ok.


Brooke Pov- 

all i heard was mumbles. and swirly vision.

"guys, shut up she's awake!!" i heard a deep voice say.

i finally looked around and figured out were i was. A Mall?

"Who are you?" i asked.

"here" someone handed me a water. i drank it.

i felt better but worse?! 

"I know you guys..?!" i mumbled.

"Oh really??! Well, Im Niall. that Zayn, Liam, Louis, And Harry." he said pointing to all of them

"one direction?" i said getting up.

"Yeah, and You fell down here. Just like Us" Liam said.

"OH. im hungy" i said and niall nodded.

I got up and they told me this was and abandoned mall!! we got up and went to a food court and ate. we didn't care if it was expired! I went to all the girl shops with Harry. Got new clothes. And It was free!! My dream.



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