Its All Over.

When brooke goes on a camping trip and not paying attention. her life changes


3. chpt 3

Brooke POV-

 Me and harry were walking back to our camp-out that they made. it was big. was all had rooms and everything. we were talking and i found dressers and a bed i sat in it and wondered; will i ever see my mom again? then i laid  down and wondered at the thought. then liam walked in.

"Hey " i mumbled.

"Hey," he said

"Im sorry for everything that happened to you the past 2 days but it will get better. i promise."

"You do promise?" i said 

he stuck out his pinky and pinky promised him. He kissed my hand. 

"Ya know its good luck if you do that?" he said.

"I'll have to remember that"

"Ya know also Brooke, Think of me as you Big brother. " he smiled and said

I did really think he was my big brother since we met. i just trusted him. 

he left and i tried to sleep but i couldn't. after an hour of trying to sleep,i decided to go to Liams tent. i got up and tiptoed over to his tent and got there and opened the zipper and he was there on his bed on his phone. i walk over and sit next to him. "What are you doing up?" i asked him. "Same to you Brookie" He said looking up from his phone. "i cant sleep" i said 

"either can i." i looked on his phone he was tweeting.


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