Percy Jackson is gone, and so are most of the demi-gods. In the ruins of a struggling future, Olympus has fallen, and only twelve demi-gods remain. Each is a child from the gods of Olympus.

What they don't know is, that their godly parents are alive.


4. Wisy

I an Wisy. I have grey eyes. I'm the youngest, only eleven. The world ended when I was one, Jackle had raised me mainly, even though he was three. 


I may be the youngest, but I'm the wises. Stella may say she leads all the missions, but I do tough stuff for her. No one ever thought I did anything, because Stella let me sit out. I hated it.


Jackle and I were talking about it. This time, I didn't feel like a baby. Jackle referenced me to a superhero who's parents had died when he was 8, father first,mother second. People thought he would be OK, because he had money. 


The others felt I could be OK since I was smart, little feelings. What about Annabeth Chase? She had loved Percy, in fact she married him. Why couldn't I have loved my mother? 


After minutes of talking, Stella called us in. 


Jackle looked at me. I shrugged, and we raced in.


The girl had black hair, with streaks of blue and pink.  A pink skirt, with white tights.  Striped gloved that went to her elbows, like someone who lived ten years ago.


"I found her is Missia, somehow she was breathing, so I kept in my old room." 

I knocked her in the stomach.

"You don't keep things like these secret!" Cara said. 

"I figured you'd say she wasn't breathing!" 


She groaned. I stepped in front, waiting to tell her where she was. 


" I'm Wisy, and we're the survivors, we found you is Missia." 




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