Percy Jackson is gone, and so are most of the demi-gods. In the ruins of a struggling future, Olympus has fallen, and only twelve demi-gods remain. Each is a child from the gods of Olympus.

What they don't know is, that their godly parents are alive.


3. Stella

I'm the daughter of Hera. I have brown eyes. My mother was known to be mean, and be jealous, but my dad must have the nice-but-bossy type,because I only get mad when bad thing happen. One example is when Jordan flooded my room as a joke. Oh he got a yelling, and I got a new room. (I had to keep the old bed though, it was gross.) 


I am the leader of the group, leading most of our side quest, the ones I make up. I have brown hair, usually in a bun, and I'm skinny in a way. I'm in a Camp-Half Blood orange t-shirt, and tan pants that had magically fit. 


Maeas,son of Zeus was the only one I could rely on most of the time, because we're practically brother and sister. 


After the incident with Clara, I went to my room, and snuck out the window. Outside was my comfort zone, even though all that was left was rocks and grey dirt. Sometimes, the clouds covered the sun, and it was a cloudy day. I felt eerie then, because there was no light to protect me. 


We never really knew what day it was, because the day and night was out of balance. Jackle could never really get to the sun, no matter how hard he tried. 


Outside  I just sat, listening to Wisy and Jackle. 

"The memories are not real, they were meant to throw you off"


"They were real, I felt her. I didn't know if a goddess could beat blood or not, but I felt anyways. Her veins glowed,then dimmed."

More crying.


I felt sorry for her, since she was the youngest in the group. She witness her mothers death when she was 8, 7 years after it ended. I wanted to leave, when a girl appeared before me. I remembered this girl from Missia, she was sleeping in that forest, I thought she was dead, and somehow hadn't died, but she did. 


If they ask me, I'll say I found in Missia. 

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