Percy Jackson is gone, and so are most of the demi-gods. In the ruins of a struggling future, Olympus has fallen, and only twelve demi-gods remain. Each is a child from the gods of Olympus.

What they don't know is, that their godly parents are alive.


2. Jordan

I'm Jordan. The guy with crystal green eyes, dark brown hair, and the  man of Clara's dreams. What you probably don't know is who we are, where we live, how we survive etc. 


Let me answer these things. 


We are the Demi. As in demi-gods. We don't know how we know we're demi-gods, we just know. It's kinda like, how did you turn on the TV growing up? You just did it. Why did you play baby doll as a kid? You did it because you did it. 


We live in an old shack, that use to be Wisy's, the daughter of Athena, house. She found Jackle, son of Apollo, and then we found them. We call this place May, we don't really know what it use to be, just a state in the highest north as possible. We find a few things from our world, a bus, a book. We travel everywhere,to fight monsters, but we always return here. 


My weapon of choice is a double sided blade. We have different type of swords. 


There are eleven of us, one is missing. A hunter. She lives out there somewhere, but we haven't found her. Back to twelve of us, hard to feed. We live off a magic bush, it makes more food everyday, and then the horn Piper McLean had found, an artifact Clara managed to save. I managed to save the scarf Percy Jackson had found. For water, we live in probably the only area with fresh water. It's a long river. We swim in it, drink from it, fetch water for baths in it. 


Our lives are as comfortable as we can get.


She sank under the water. I rushed down, since she wasn't a child of Posidon, she couldn't breath under water. As drew farther and farther, she looked more limp, more lifeless. 


Her crystal pink eyes started turning black. And then sand buried her, except the head. I couldn't stay. I swept myself up to the surface, and got the others.


She spat up water, but she was fine. Ok maybe she went insane a little. 


"They're alive!" she screamed. It filled the old house, even though all eleven were here. 


Wisy's eyes shimmered and told her otherwise. 


"Why not?" she whispered, out of curiosity, "You don't have proof that they are." 


"I saw my mother die," she whispered and went out side. Jackle's yellow eyes hindered, and he followed. Others went to other parts of the house, it still was a second story house. 

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