Percy Jackson is gone, and so are most of the demi-gods. In the ruins of a struggling future, Olympus has fallen, and only twelve demi-gods remain. Each is a child from the gods of Olympus.

What they don't know is, that their godly parents are alive.


1. Clara

My name is Clara, daughter of Aphrodite. I'm thhat girl with the right shade of pink for her eyes, and right shade of coconut brown for hair.


I would be dating fifty guys right now, but my world ended ten years ago, when I was three. I lived at Camp Half-Blood, becuase my mother was scared, they told me. Me and a few others lived, but we where young, oldest was eight. We grew up calling ourselves the Demies, although only eight others had survived Kronos's wrath.


Percy Jackson was known for defeating Kronos, thirty years ago. When Kronos attacked Percy Jackson had been dead, a week before he took over. Gaia had suffocated him in his sleep.


Everytime I look at Jordan, the son of Posidon, I think of what I'm hiding from him.


One shall betray 

One shall perish

One shall never stop loving

One shall live 

One shall defeat

One shall get their wish

One shall meet their admirer

The others shall meet the end 


I knew who everyone was in that prophecy. I know where I stood in it. 


I was swimming in the river with Jordan, for he loved it. When I closed my eyes, I couldn't open them. I sank under. 


The cool rush filled my lungs. I was marvled that I was breathing, that I wasn't dead. 


Jordan was there. His green eyes came down to me. He was rushing. I wasn't porcessing why, but I wasn't processing I was drowning, either. 


I gabbed for him, but something pulled me more. His crystal green eyes, like my crystal pink, panic rushed. All of our eyes looked like crystals, shimmering. In little books I have found, I've never seen eyes like ours. 

He went up....and left me. As he left the world went hazy. And hazy, and hazier, until the sand covered me.


The goddess were there. Artemis, Hera, Athena, Demeter and Hestia. I couldn't believe it, they were alive. We had thought we were orphans, but they were alive. 


Kronos was infront of them. I wanted to scream, punch him. I didn't, because I knew he could kill me in a peck. OH, how I knew he would get it. When Dan said we would start our journey, our quest, he was going back. 


"What have you done with them?!" Hera struggles, like it hurt to speak. Hera sounded nothing like herself, but she hadn't defeated herself. 


He just laughed and smiled. 

"Luke was weak, but Gaea was not!" 

He started to make light, a huge one. 


The world was vanishing around me. It started to come into the place I knew best, Earth. 


Gaea had wrapped me in sand. I knew Gaea was asleep, but Kronos was not. I knew he wanted to kill us, but I would not let us win. Dan would say to go, and he will die. 


He will die, because we are the Demi, the Survivors. 



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