Percy Jackson is gone, and so are most of the demi-gods. In the ruins of a struggling future, Olympus has fallen, and only twelve demi-gods remain. Each is a child from the gods of Olympus.

What they don't know is, that their godly parents are alive.


5. Andrella

I am so lonely, living a dream land. I have been trapped here, with glimmering eyes of blue and flecks of white.  I have black streak with a streak of blue and pink, and use to be he daughter of Hades. 


I have never aged since our world ended, when I heard my mother and father died. I am a huntress, so that added to the impact. 


I have always been in that uniform. I wish I could take it off, I want it off. A blue t-shirt, with striped gloves that go to my elbows. A short dark pink skirt, with white tights. My shoes were regular red tennis-hoes.  


I always had three dreams. Two in the mortal world, and in the Under World. The first one was me and my room. The second is where I was hunting, as a huntress, forgetting my father was a man of death. The third one was Kronos, how he liked to torture my aunts and uncles, everytime it would be different,because he always did something different. 


I always started in my room, looking the window. My eyes looked up,then down. The rain was making me forgetting him, the one my dad took, when two rain drops went together, but a third raindrop made one do away. I took my hand held mirror, and threw it at my mirror on my bedroom wall. Glass shattered everywhere. I stayed turn, but I knew who was there. 


It was Artemis, she had wanted me. I hated boys, a demi-god, and ok with aim. I was probably was almost everything she wanted. She handed me the packet, and I didn't take it.


"Yes," I whispered. The boys could be dumb in their lifetime, but I could go on, being wise forever. 


I was hunting a deer, it was extremely easy after months of training. I was with a few fellow huntresses.  My dream would only let me remember one, Thalia Grace. 


The moment I had looked at her, I knew we would get along. 


I had hit the deer, and she smiled. She smiled depending on the occasion. 


"You made the right choice, leaving the dumb behind. Although few are not." she said. I knew who she was talking about, the guy I left over. 


I was throwing my mirror, when eleven people appeared, and I was laying on the ground, and I wasn't in my room. 


"Is she alive?" the guy with yellow eyes whispered.

I grunted. 


I seemed to be in an old house, probably two stories. It seemed like one of those houses in the old days, one that had survive several years. 


The girl with gray eyes spoke up first. 

"I'm Wisy-" 

What an odd name, but Andrella was too.

"and we're the survivors, we found you in Missia. How have you been-?"

Been asleep?

"I don't know, what year is it?" 

"We're not sure?"

"What do mean? Are uneducated, or just don't have a calender?" 

With my question asked, I stepped outside, and gasped. Either I wasn't in Missouri anymore, or the world had ended. The choice that I wanted was choice 1, but it was most likely choice 2. How could mortals survive is 1% of the population was demi-gods, and the gods were kidnapped? 

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