The Quick Escape

Winning tickets to a One Direction concert and getting the chance the meet them is any girls dream right? Not for Elizabeth Rose, other wise known as Ellie. At the moment she is meeting One Direction, when somewhere in the crowd a gun is shot. When Ellie and her friend accidentally get separated, will they ever find their way back to each other?


7. Chapter 7

Ellie's POV

     "No no no! This isn't good!" I mumbled as I realized that I have no idea where Mia is. 
     "Hey it will be ok. Don't worry." Liam tried to comfort me. 
     "No! This is not ok! What am I going to do?! I have no idea where Mia is. Mia has no idea where I am! My family thinks I am with her! Oh my God what am I going to do?!" By this point I was freaking out. That's when Liam grabbed me by the shoulder. Letting out a piercing scream, he let go, staring at me wide eyed. 
     "I'm sorry" I commented, hanging my head low. "It's just that I don't like people touching me. Especially when it's so sudden. 
     "I'm so sorry Elizabeth. I completely forgot." I could see on Liam's face that he truly meant it. 
     "It's fine Liam. I promise."  We soon were enveloped into a silenced room. 
     "Elizabeth Rose is a beautiful name." Liam stated as I felt a blush work it's way on to my face. Not knowing how to respond, I hid my face. 
     "It suits you"
     "Really? how so?" I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me. 
     "Well, Elizabeth Rose, your name sounds so elegant and beautiful. It throws off so much positive energy and has such a nice ring to it. As for you, you also are beautiful and elegant, from what I have seen if you." I started to blush again due to the fact Liam called me beautiful. 
     "I know that you throw off positive energy because I can't help but smile when I'm around you." Wow. I never thought I would hear that come from anybody's mouth, let alone Liam's. 
     "We are going to be great friends." Oh. Friends. I felt my heart sink a little when he said that. I know I like Liam. However, it's the Liam that's presented to the world. 
     "Friends? You mean that you don't think I'm weird like everybody else does?" I asked. I've always been shy because everybody thought I was weird. Showing them my real personality would make their thoughts even stronger. 
     "Of course I do." I knew it. "But that's only because everybody has that one thing that's weird. That's what makes us, us." Liam continued.  
     "I should tell the people at school that..." I mumbled, not thinking Liam would hear. My thoughts were proven wrong when I heard him chuckle. 
     "Well then Liam. I have a feeling we will be great friends."

A/N Well I think this is the longest chapter yet! I really really would appreciate your feedback. I'm willing for any kind of comments! I would love to hear what you guys think and what I should change. 
~@MrsLexiHoran xx 

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