The Quick Escape

Winning tickets to a One Direction concert and getting the chance the meet them is any girls dream right? Not for Elizabeth Rose, other wise known as Ellie. At the moment she is meeting One Direction, when somewhere in the crowd a gun is shot. When Ellie and her friend accidentally get separated, will they ever find their way back to each other?


5. Chapter 5

              Liam's POV

     "Get down!" I herd someone, I think Paul, shout. With all of the sudden chaos I started to panic. 
     "C'mon! Lets go! You guys need to get out of here." Paul exclaimed once again. In the heat of the moment, I pulled Ellie along with me. Having to duck behind everyone so we could get out, we finally made it to another room. 
     "What just happened?!" screamed Harry, his face full of worry for everybody still in the other room. 
     "We are trying to figure it out now. Is everybody okay?" a police officer, who I just noticed, said. 
     "Yeah. We're all good. thank you officer." Niall said as I looked over to find Elizabeth no longer standing next to me. Looking down, I see her curled up into a ball, shaking. 
     "Wait! Officer!" I tried to get his attention as he was walking away, "Something's happened to Elizabeth" Hurrying over, the officer bent down to see what the problem was. When he rolled her over, that's when I saw it. A hole in her side. 
     "Ellie!" Zayn hollered as he caught sight of it too. 
     "What happened to E-" but Louis stopped talking, his face going pale as he saw her side. The officer called over for back up and an ambulance. No longer then 5 minutes they were all there. Quickly and carefully they loaded Ellie into a gurney. I started to feel apprehensive because I now know of her fear of people touching her. 
     "Mia" Elizabeth croaked out. Oh my God. Mia. 

A/N Hello again! I'm sorry that this chapter took me a little longer to upload. Today was my schools Homecoming and plus I've had a lot of school work and tests this week. I'm sorry! I hope u guys liked it and I would love to hear some feedback! 
~@MrsLexiHoran xx

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