The Quick Escape

Winning tickets to a One Direction concert and getting the chance the meet them is any girls dream right? Not for Elizabeth Rose, other wise known as Ellie. At the moment she is meeting One Direction, when somewhere in the crowd a gun is shot. When Ellie and her friend accidentally get separated, will they ever find their way back to each other?


4. Chapter 4

Ellie's POV

     "Here we go Mia!" I said. 
     Mia turned the handle and opened the door. 
     "Hello ladies!" Louis said. 
     "H...h...hi" Mia said. 
     "Are you ok?" Zayn asked Mia. I turned to see her face turned pale. 
     "One second" I said holding a finger up. They all nodded and turned to the other people that were in the room. 
     "Mia, what's up? Stop freaking out. This is a freakin dream. Now let's live it" I whispered. 
     Mia snapped out of her daze and looked at me. 
     "Let's go!" She said. 
     She walked away from me,over to the boys and introduced herself. I swear she can be bipolar at times. 
     I walked over and joined her. 
     "Hi I'm Ellie." I said. 
     "Hi Ellie I'm Liam. That's Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry although I'm sure you already know who we are." Liam said. 
     "Who doesn't know who you are?" I asked. 
     "I like this girl already!" Liam said. 
     The whole night we were partying and hanging out with the boys and the other people in the party room.
     The room was so big. I think it was like a 500 person party room. That number is so high. My gosh why did I come in here? 
     "Hey you alright" Mia asked placing a hand on my shoulder. I flinched immediately. 
     "Sorry" she said pulling her hand away. 
     "It's ok. It's just, so many people" I said gesturing wildly towards the whole crowd of people. 
     "It's time for pictures people!" Louis yelled. 
     We got in line, which moved pretty fast, and made our way to the front. 
     "Do I look ok?" Mia asked. 
     "You look amazing" I said. 
     "Awesome. And you come as a close second" she said. 
     "You bitch" I said. 
     It was finally our turn. 
     "Woo it's Ellie!" Liam said very happily. 
     "It's Liam!" I said mocking him and his tone of voice. 
     "Being sarcastic I see" Liam said. 
     "I speak it fluently." I said giving him a quick funny face. He laughed and it made me melt on the inside. 
     "Ok look here" the camera man said. 
     We all got close together and Liam snaked his arm around my waist. I immediately squirmed and got out of his grasp. 
     "What's wrong?" Liam asked. 
     "Haphephobia" I said. 
     "What's that?" Liam asked. 
     "She has a fear of people touching her" Mia butted in. She was already standing with her arms around Niall and Harry. 
     "Really? Well can I at least float my arm around a pretty girl?" Liam said. Pretty girl?!
     "That's sounds great" I said. I got back in position and Liam floated his arm around me. 
     "One, two three" the camera man said taking multiple pictures of us. 
     Just then, I heard an extremely loud bang in the crowd of people...

(A/N~hey guys Shannon here! I hope you like the chapter! Remember to comment!) 

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