The Quick Escape

Winning tickets to a One Direction concert and getting the chance the meet them is any girls dream right? Not for Elizabeth Rose, other wise known as Ellie. At the moment she is meeting One Direction, when somewhere in the crowd a gun is shot. When Ellie and her friend accidentally get separated, will they ever find their way back to each other?


19. Chapter 19

     Lou spent about two hours getting all of the boys 'prettied' up. I do have to say, Liam looks very 'pretty' right now. It makes me want to...well you know. Speaking of that, we both talked about it briefly on the plane. We both decided to wait until we both felt the time was right. I mean what's the rush right? 

     "Do I look handsome?" Liam asked snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at his face, inspecting, and then checked out his body up and down. 

     "Damn you must love checking me out," he said with a smirk plastered on his face while walking over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist. 

     I placed my hands on his chest and looked up into his big brown eyes. "Don't be a cocky dick," I said pushing him away from me. But his hands were still on my waist so he pulled me back to his body and he trapped me against him with his arms. 

     "You are not going anywhere" he whispered into my ear. I will never get used to that as the shivers traveled down my spine. 

     "You are invading my personal ora," I said as a matter-of-fact. 

     "Yea? What're you gonna do about it?" He asked as he lowered his face so our noses were touching. 

     "Well I could just kiss you now or I can kick you in your manly parts," I said. 

     "You wouldn't," he said backing away and putting his hands over his little friend. Wow cause that's great protection. Seriously when has that ever worked for any male in the universe? 

     "Calm down stop grabbing your man parts," I said turning to look at the other boys. 

     "Ready boys?" Paul asked entering the room and looking at the boys. 

     "Let's go!" Louis yelled running out of the room. 

     The other boys followed Louis out of the dressing room and to the side stage. They got their microphones and got ready. Fans started to scream louder as the boys ran on stage. This would have been amazing to watch them from side stage but something, or someone was missing... 


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