The Quick Escape

Winning tickets to a One Direction concert and getting the chance the meet them is any girls dream right? Not for Elizabeth Rose, other wise known as Ellie. At the moment she is meeting One Direction, when somewhere in the crowd a gun is shot. When Ellie and her friend accidentally get separated, will they ever find their way back to each other?


14. Chapter 14

Ellie's POV 

     "Oh Ellie darling! I haven't seen you since the day of the concert!" Mia's mom exclaimed as we walked passed the living room. 
     "Hi Mrs.Fletcher" I said, waving to her as we passed. We took a few turns down hallways until we made it to Mia's room. 
     "Oh how I've missed this room!" I said as I looked around to see if anything had changed. 
     "I like your door" Liam had said while standing there smirking. 
     "Why thank y-oh" Mia's face turned as red as a tomato as she looked at her closet door. I also looked over and soon started laughing at her. On her door was posters and pictures of the One Direction boys. 
     "It adds a nice touch to the room" the still smirking Liam said. 
     "Yeah yeah yeah..." Mia muttered, accompanied by my laughter. 
     "So! You have to tell me what you've been up to since I left" I said giddily to Mia. 
     "Well, I got a letter from Jacob the other day!"
     "And who's Jacob?" Liam asks curiously.
     "Jacob is my brother. He's currently stationed somewhere I'm the country. I'm not sure where since he's always moving. He's in the army." Mia said to Liam with a proud smile, but I could tell she was starting to feel emotional talking about him. 
     "Wow really?! That's amazing!" Liam commented. 
     "Yeah. He really is..." Mia said her smile starting to falter.
     "Well. If I'm not mistaken it's somebody's birthday soon" I said in a sing-songy voice. 
     "It's your birthday soon?! When?!" Liam exclaimed as Mia nodded enthusiastically. 
     "In 6 days!" Mia said. I felt my phone vibrate. 

From: Liam=^)

u do realize that when the boys find out they won't shut up about it...

To: Liam=^)


From: Liam=^) 

and they r gonna be planning something 

To: Liam=^) 

well this is gonna be interesting...

     "Are you two texting each other?!" Mia said as me and Liam quickly looked at each other. 
     "No!" we both said at the same time. 
     "Yup because that convinced me." Mia said sarcastically. 
     "Hey Ellie. Louis just texted me saying Paul wants me back soon. Are you staying here with Mia or coming back?" Liam asked after a beep sounded from this phone. 
     "I think I'm going to stay here, if that's ok with you Mia." 
     "Of course it's ok!" Mia said,
     "It will be just like old times!"
     "Ok. I'll text you guys tomorrow morning. You all should come over for breakfast! You boys should take a break from hotel food and eating out." I said, knowing both Mia and Mia's parents would be fine with it. 
     "Sure I'll ask the other guys when I get back. Bye guys." Liam stated as he stood up. 
     "Bye Liam. It was nice seeing you again!" Mia said, her bubbly said showing as she waved her arm back and forth. 
     "Bye Liam." I said, standing up and get a hug from Liam. Before we pulled away I felt his lips on my cheek.
     "Bye Elizabeth" I smiled as we walked him to the door. 
     "What was that?!" 
      Uh oh...

A/N Hiya guys! Quick update for me today. So tomorrow is my last soccer game of the season so I'll have about a week before volleyball tryouts start. I'll still try to write as much as I can. Please comment! Hearing your suggestions and comments will help with the story. 

~Alex xx (@MrsLexiHoran)

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