The Quick Escape

Winning tickets to a One Direction concert and getting the chance the meet them is any girls dream right? Not for Elizabeth Rose, other wise known as Ellie. At the moment she is meeting One Direction, when somewhere in the crowd a gun is shot. When Ellie and her friend accidentally get separated, will they ever find their way back to each other?


10. Chapter 10

Ellie's POV

     ~1 week later~

     I have been living with the boys for a week now. It is completely awesome. I wake up to One Direction and I go to sleep, to One Direction. 
     I love being with them. But I can't help but feel a tremendous weight in my chest. 
     I have no idea where Mia is. I texted her from Liam's phone but she hasn't answered. She probably lost it in the crowd like I did. 
     Liam has been my absolute best friend while I'm here. We joke around and talk about anything and everything. 
     I'm laying in Liam's bed right now trying to sleep. I always take it from him. He gets so mad; it's so cute.  I've just been so tired with trying to keep up with the boys. I started to dream about the night of the concert when strong hands grabbed my waist and draped my body over somebodies shoulder. A few seconds passed and I realized it was Liam. 
     "Liam put me down" I said trying to stay calm. 
     "Nope" he said walking into the living room . 
     "Liam" I said. 
     "Ellie" he mocked. 
     I grunted and just let my body hang over his shoulder. He probably felt like he was holding a boulder. 
     "I'll put you down" he said after a few minutes. 
     "Thank you god" I cheered. 
     "If" he began. 
     "Oh shit" I muttered. 
     "You say that I am the best singer in the world and I am awesome" he said. 
     "You've got to be kidding me" I said. 
     "Not at all" he said. 
     "Fine. You are the Worst singer and you Suck." I said. 
     "Oh that's it" he said. 
     He flipped me over his shoulders and plopped me down on the couch. He got on top of me kneeling with one leg on each sides of me, and immediately he started to tickle me. I couldn't help but laugh and squirm. 
     "Do you take it back?" he asked while continuing to tickle me. 
     "Never in a million years" I said inbetween laughs. 
     "Bad choice" he said tickling me even more. 
     I ended up squirming so much, I caused us both to fall off of the couch and onto the floor, with Liam still on top of me. We laughed and laughed and laughed. 
     Then we stopped and he looked intensely into my eyes. He moved a couple of strands of hair out of my face and tucked it behind me ear. Then, with the same hand, he rubbed his thumb over my check.     
     Slowly he leaned down and softly placed his lips on mine. It felt like fireworks were going off in the background. His tongue grazed against my lower lip asking for entrance, which I gladly accepted. We moved in sync for a good couple of minutes before he pulled away. 
     "I'm sorry I didn't mean to" he said. 
     "Don't be sorry. I loved it" I said. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in for another kiss. 
     "Hey guys-HOLY CRAP GROSS" Harry yelled. 
     Liam and I pulled away, both a bit embarrassed. 
     "Yes Harry what do you want?" Liam asked turning towards a scared Harry. 
     "To burn my eyes. Oh god ok goodbye" and with that Harry left the room. 
     Liam turned back to me and we both laughed. 
     "Would it be wrong of me to say that I wish you would stay with us and not go back?" Liam asked. 
     "No. I wish that too" I said reaching up for another kiss. 
     Eventually we both got off of the floor and sat down on the couch. Liam put his arm around me and I snuggled up next to him with my head on his chest. My eyelids became heavy as I soon fell asleep with the warmth and security of Liam. 


Hey guys! 

I love you thank you so much for reading! 




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