Happily Never After

Annabelle Hearst is just another person in the Headow kingdom, ruled by the Tomlinson family. Pressured by his father the king, Prince Louis is searching for a bride, a wife to make him a heir. He stumbles into Annabelle, one of the few who doesn't venerate the royal family. Can he convince her to come to the live the royal life with him willingly, or will he have to force her into it?


8. The Fairest

 I rapidly gaze at Louis over my shoulder. He’s still talking with Harry and Élodie.

“Why not?” I nod, taking his hand.

Smiling, Niall takes me to the dance floor, his palm joining mine as we place ourselves. My arm slides on his shoulder and his hand descends on my waist.

“I must warn you though; I’m very new to all this so I’m sorry in advance if I happen to step on your feet,” I say as we start swaying to the music.

“You didn’t seem to be a stranger to dancing when you and Louis we’re waltzing earlier,” Niall chuckles, making me spin once. My hand catches his shoulder back to our initial position.

“That’s because I practiced and practiced for days until this day,” I admit, recalling the multiple times I had rehearsed the steps with Perrie in this very same room.

“Well you certainly don’t let your inexperience show,” He compliments.

“Why thank you Niall,” I smile faintly. “That’s very charming of you.”

“Charm is my middle name princess,” He winks.

“Don’t call me that,” I shake my head. “And stop trying to woo me... I’m already married,” I point out, motioning my ring.

Niall cocks his eyebrow upwards, before making me twirl and pulling me closer to him. “Maybe you’re married but something tells me you aren’t happy here,” The boy whispers in my ear. I freeze. “Shhh. Calm down...” He pauses for a second, gazing quickly around. “I want to know though...What makes you unhappy?” He asks, still making us sway to the music.

Not sensing any harm in answering the question, I find myself telling him.

“Louis barely leaves me space for mistakes,” I confess. “I can’t mess up around him.”

“You can’t mess up around his father you mean,” The blonde replies, much more quietly.

“Certainly not,” I nod, letting Niall twirl me once more. “But some days he’s just like his father...” I trail on, placing my hand back on his shoulder. My gaze lands on my family nearby and I find myself looking at them longingly. Niall must’ve seen me because he continues.

“There’s something else you’re not telling me,” the Prince of Iregar probes. Enough with all the questions.

“Well I’m sorry Niall but I don’t think I’m ready to divulge everything to a man I just met,” I declare, breaking the contact. Not giving him another look, I walk back to Louis, who was now alone.

“What was that with Niall?” The Prince enquires.

“Waltzing,” I respond, keeping my eyes fixed on my family dancing before me.

“Why we’re you waltzing with him?” He enquires, stretching the word waltzing.

“He asked me to dance. I thought it would’ve been impolite to refuse such a nice invitation, especially from a prince,” I reply calmly.

“Would you like to go dancing again?” Louis proposes, holding his hand out. I shake my head.

“I’ve had my share of dancing for the night, thank you.” I refuse, my sore feet agreeing with my statement.

“Sorry Princess, I hadn’t realised I had given you a choice,” He returns very dryly. I’m about to protest but he bends down to whisper menacingly in my ear. “Don’t you even think about making a scene, or Finn and Leah will pay for your mistake,” He breathes. I turn to look at my siblings worriedly.

“Fine,” I agree through clenched teeth, reluctantly placing my hand into his.

“Wise decision,” He approves, leading us to the dance floor. “So what was the subject of you and Niall’s discussion?” Louis enquires once his hand slips to rest on my hips in the traditional dancing position.

“Nothing important,” I respond, avoiding looking directly into his eyes.


“He talked to me about the wedding.”

“Oh did he?” He scoffs.

“Yes,” I say truthfully. “And he also mentioned your father.”

Louis frowns. “He did?” Looking around quickly, he continues. “What did he say?” he whispers in my ear, bringing me closer to him.

“He mentioned the king’s narrow-mindedness for mistakes,” I murmur.

“And why were you two talking about my father on a day like this? On a day that was supposed to be happy?” The Prince demands, scowling.

I hesitate, seeing Niall laughing with a couple of men nearby. His eyes meet mine briefly before I’m gazing into Louis eyes. Should I tell him?

“If the truth angers me, the lie will infuriate me,” The blue-eyed prince states, noticing my reluctance to tell him.

“He asked me what made me unhappy here. I told him about your strictness and he replied that you’d gotten it from your father. Then I stated that I had noticed some resemblance between your attitude and your father’s.”

He cocks his eyebrow upwards.

“Because you happen to know my father so well,” He mocks. “Annabelle I forbid you to insinuate anything about him. And don’t you dare compare me to that man again: You have no idea what he’s capable of and let me tell you that it is much worse than what I have done so far,” Louis threatens lowly, before making me spin. The music stops as he catches me, inches from the floor.

“I don’t want you talking to Niall again. Understood?”

I nod.

“Enjoy the rest of the evening while you can,” he murmurs, lifting me back up to my feet before leaving.

I avoid speaking to him for the rest of the night.




It was well past midnight and the king had just ended the wedding, ordering everyone away.

“Louis where are they?!” I exclaim, not seeing my siblings or my mother anywhere in the departing crowd. Barely a few minutes ago, I had seen the Prince talk to my mother.

“I let one of the maids take care of them for the night,” he answers stiffly, still sending the people out.

“You mean they’re sleeping here?” I say, relieved.

“For one night,” he agrees. “Because it’s part of your gift. After that, they’re out.”

“Out?” I murmur, horrified.

“Annabelle they don’t belong here,” he tells me, almost if he was sorry.

“I don’t either!” I spur. “Louis we can’t just throw them out like that!”

“Annabelle how many times will I have to repeat it? You’re a princess now: you need to stop acting like a child,” he snaps as the grand doors are finally shut. He takes a deep breath, looking at me. “Go wait for me in my room alright? I have to sort out a few things. I’ll come and join you in a few,” he ends, before leaving me alone. Even Zayn isn’t around, unlike the usual.

Exhaling shakily, I grab the hem of my dress and lift it, slowly walking up the main staircase, knowing fully well what we were going to do next. The Prince needed to be married because he needs an heir. A son. We won’t stop making children until we get a son. I can’t help the silent tears trickling down my cheeks.

I take my time as I walk down the long halls, gazing at the painting on the walls sadly. I’m stopped in the corridor that led to his room by none other than Prince Niall. Frown engraved deeply into his forehead, he walks over to me.

“Oh my! What’s troubling you Princess?” The blonde enquires, lifting my chin up so I’m gazing directly into his eyes. I bite my lip hard, saying nothing as the tears keep pooling into my eyes.

“Niall he―”

“Annabelle. There you are.”

My blood runs cold as Louis makes an appearance. Niall immediately stops touching me, coughing awkwardly as he backs up one step. Dear God. It must’ve looked like Niall and I we’re about to kiss.

“That’s twice I’ve found you in his arms,” Louis begins. His fists are clenched in tight fists beside his rigid body. “I thought I had made myself clear earlier,” He continues, looking at me scornfully.

“Lou it’s my fault. I―”

“Niall please; save your breath and spare me your excuses. I think you’ve caused enough trouble for my wife and I tonight,” he silences dryly.

“We weren’t doing anything bad! I was just consoling her!”

“She wasn’t for you to console! Now leave.”

“Louis I couldn’t leave the saddened girl to herself,” Niall persists softly. “That would simply be against all my morals. Yours too if you’re still the friend I grew up with,” The younger Prince debates.

“Niall I said leave us. It would be in your best interest not to stay in Headow for too long, for you are not welcome anymore.” My husband declares.

“It’s crazy how you resemble him Louis,” Niall remarks, disappointed.

“YOU ARE BANISHED!” Louis explodes, face red. “I WANT YOU GONE AT DAWN AND I FORBID YOU TO EVER SET FOOT HERE AGAIN!” Louis ends, pulling me away.

“Louis you can’t just do that!” I utter, seeing Niall’s pained face as Louis screams keep echoing through the castle’s walls.

“Well I just did,” He snaps. I glance back at Niall one last time before I’m shoved into another hallway. The prince leads me to his room wordlessly and shuts the door. “I need a minute to myself,” He grunts, leaving me alone again.

I keep my back pressed to the doors, shaking as I crumble to the floor. His authority frightened me. He banished Niall for absolutely no valuable reason. I feel miserable for Niall as I remove my aching heels and place them beside me. It’s my fault. Everything’s my fault. I shouldn’t have danced with him in the first place. That way, he wouldn’t have gotten attached that easily and he wouldn’t even have bothered to comfort me in the corridor.

Louis comes back a few minutes later, his face and hair wet, his jacket removed and his dress shirt partially open with his tie hanging loose. For a fraction of a second, I find him gorgeous. But the opinion leaves as soon as he opens his mouth.

“I’m sorry you had to see this Princess,” he huffs, passing his hand through his hair. “It had to be done,” he explains, slumping to the ground beside me.

“It didn’t have to be done,” I shake my head. “He only wanted to help me, but he got exiled instead. How that’s fair?” I protest.

“Life’s not fair. You and I are the living proof,” he huffs. “How is it fair that I was born as a Prince and others no? How’s it fair that you get to live a royal life, oppositely to many others?” He questions, his head leaning backwards.

“I don’t want the royalty,” I shake my head.

“And who told you I wanted it?” He counters, the honesty in his eyes piercing into mine.

“Well you certainly do not hate it.”

“Why would I? Why would I purposefully feel bad about being a Prince? I’m already miserable enough with my father; I don’t need to make it worse,” he admits. “I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. Like I said, some things have to be done, no matter how painful they may be. Life’s that way,” he sighs.

“But you just banished your friend.”

“And a few weeks ago, you abandoned your family,” he retorts. “I don’t know what’s worse.”

His words sting.

“I didn’t have a say in the matter. You did,” I respond, hurt. “You decided to banish him whilst I was forced to come to the castle! Why did you chose me?!”

“This conversation is going in circles,” he ends, standing up. He extends his hand. “Let me help you out of your dress Princess,” Louis proposes.

“No thanks,” I shake my head, denying his hand. “I just want to go back to my room, please?”

“Annabelle tonight is going to happen, whether you like it or not,” he states. “I can make it pleasurable as much as I can make it painful. You make your choice,” he declares, still offering me his hand.

“Louis please. I had an emotionally charged day I don’t need this tonight...”

“No. If I say yes once, you’ll keep delaying it, Annabelle,” he denies, crouching so we’re face to face.

I look at him, eyes wet yet again.

“Don’t cry shhh... Look it doesn’t even have to be long, love,” he coos, tossing one of the loose strands of my hair aside. “I’ll be gentle I promise, as long as you don’t fight me,” Louis continues softly. “But we have to have sex as a married couple tonight. He’ll know if we don’t.”

He as in his father.

I nod reluctantly, letting him help me up to my feet and in a standing position. He cups my cheek.

“You ready?” He murmurs.

“As I’ll ever be,” I whisper back. As I pronounce these words regrettably, Louis leans in to join our lips, his hand moving to hold the back of my head.

“You’re so beautiful,” the Prince mumbles, his mouth leaving mine to latch itself in the crook of my neck. I let my eyes shut, breath hitching. “My princess,” he pursues, voice sultry.

Awkward by my side, my hands start wandering on him, one of them twisting into his wet strands of hair and the other one, resting inside his dress shirt and onto his warm chest. I suddenly clutch his broad shoulders as he starts sucking a particular spot on my neckline.

“Louis,” I whimper, an unknown feeling spreading through my body.

“I’ve got you.”

My eyes clench tightly shut as I feel his nimble fingers making their way to the zipper behind my back. Even when the dress drops down to the floor, my body is like an oven. I’m hot all over, the corset around my chest suffocating me.

His mouth meets mine again, this time, his tongue probing against my lower lip. I don’t let it in.

“Come on Annabelle,” he encourages, his forehead pressed against mine while his left hand played with the strings of the corset behind my back. He leans in and closes the distance separating us once more, repeating what he had done earlier. I feel tingly all over and let him in. I’m granted the liberation of the tight corset seconds after. Breaking the kiss, I take the time to take a few deep breaths, appreciating the quantity of air I could now inhale.

“That tight?” He cocks his eyebrow upwards, a small smirk plastered on his moist lips.

“Yes,” I reply, practically panting. He laughs and wastes no time taking me to his colossal bed, where he lays me down carefully. My skin is still sizzling, despite the fact I was now in lacy black underwear in front of him. Self-conscious, I move to cover myself but he stops me immediately.

“Don’t. Please. You’re perfect...” he whispers huskily, eyes trailing up and down my body. He proceeds to remove his own shirt and trousers, holding himself up above me in his underpants.

Shamelessly, my eyes roam along his body. He was handsome, there was no denying it. His skin was sun-kissed perfectly due to the long hours of strolling outside and he was well built, his muscles visible but no prominent. His azure eyes glowed in the moonlight, just like his smirk.

Louis’s hand went behind my back and unlatched the top. I can’t help freezing in fear.

“I won’t hurt you,” he murmurs. My heart skips a beat when I feel his digits caress the mounds of flesh on my chest. “So pretty...”

His mouth descends on me, joining my lips for a languorous kiss. I gasp as I feel wetness pooling down below. That’s not normal.

“Louis stop!” I panic, separating us.

“What? Why?” He blinks, bemused.

“I felt something wet down there, I think I started my period,” I state, almost relieved. He removes my panties and chuckles, placing himself back over me.

“No you’re just aroused,” he purrs, digging his face into my neck, peppering it with kisses.

I whine in surprise as something foreign digs itself in me.


“Shhh it’s alright...” He reassures in my ear. Judging by his position, I assume it’s his finger that is buried inside. My breath hitches as he moves it back and forth slowly, making a pleasant sensation invade my body. “Is that tolerable?” He enquires.

I shake my head yes and he continues the movement, before squeezing in another digit.

“You’re doing so good Belle,” he coos, keeping up the slow shifting of his fingers.

I find myself letting the nickname slip by, more wetness releasing itself in my lower regions which make goose bumps rise along the surface of my skin. I barely notice his third finger slipping in. I groan as he removes all three digits.

“Take a deep breath okay Annabelle?” He instructs, taking his underpants off. Something much larger than his three fingers is softly pressed as my entrance. I gaze down at his manhood and gulp.

“Louis it’s going to hurt,” I hiccup, scared stiff.

“I know and I’m sorry...But I won’t move until you tell me to alright Princess?” He replies, a remorseful look in his eyes. I nod and inhale slowly, identically to him.

As I feel him push in carefully, I clutch the sheets tightly between my fingers. I whimper as he passes through a small resistance, forcing tears out of my eyes.

“Hey it’s alright Annabelle I’ve got you,” he whispers in my ear once he’s fully sheathed. It’s as if he cut out a piece of my insides with a blunt knife. I focus on breathing while Louis kisses my tears away, caressing my head and nuzzling inside my neck. “I love you. I don’t deserve you. I’m sorry,” the prince mutters repeatedly, until the pain becomes numb.

“You can move,” I tell him. The first cautious thrust does nothing, and so do the second and the third. The others though, make something grow inside me. As Louis plunges in and out repeatedly, pleasure slowly overrides the numb feeling. Pleasure I’d never thought I’d feel. I find myself moaning.

“Louisss,” I groan, my fingers digging into his shoulders.

“Annabelle,” he grunts lustfully, beads of sweat damping his brown tuft hair. Holding himself with one hand, Louis uses the other to draw specific circles on my sensitive skin. The pleasurable sensation grows and grows until I it’s too much, almost uncomfortable.

“Louissssss!” I shout, shutting my eyes tightly as colors dance in front of me.

“God Annabelleeee,” He groans, emptying himself inside me. Something warm fills me and I shudder. He pulls out and drops beside me on the bed. “I chose you, because you’re the fairest of them all Annabelle,” Louis declares out of breath. “But we’ll talk about that in the morning. Sleep Princess,” he shushes, pulling the sheets over my newly cold body. Exhausted, I fall into slumber as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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