Happily Never After

Annabelle Hearst is just another person in the Headow kingdom, ruled by the Tomlinson family. Pressured by his father the king, Prince Louis is searching for a bride, a wife to make him a heir. He stumbles into Annabelle, one of the few who doesn't venerate the royal family. Can he convince her to come to the live the royal life with him willingly, or will he have to force her into it?


19. Interruptions

When we return to the farmhouse that evening, I'm completely happy with the way things turned out. Louis had been extremely civil for the rest of the day, getting a handful of the citizens of the village to warm up to him. Sure a handful wasn't much, but it was a start and it was all Louis needed to give his self-esteem a positive boost.

As I put down our items and roll my sleeves up to wash my hands to prepare supper, Louis stops me.

"I'll make supper tonight," he suggests. "You take care of washing up…you look positively exhausted,” he continues.

“Are you sure you’re alright with making supper?” I frown.

He nods.

“I want to try doing it alone once. And if I mess up, well we still have some of last night’s supper left,” he shrugs.

“Okay then,” I nod, breathing out deeply. He smiles, pecking me on the lips before urging me to head to the bathroom.

The warm water does wonders to my taut muscles as I slowly let myself soak in the tub. I rest my head on the edge, letting my eyes shut. Soon enough, to my surprise, a delicious aroma comes to my nose.

I hurry and finish washing up, anxious to see what Louis has cooked up for me. For us.

Getting back into some comfortable clothes, I head back into our small kitchen, only to find it lighted by two single candles placed on the wooden dining table. Two steaming plates of beef and potatoes are placed one in front of the other and a bouquet of white lilies is used as a centerpiece.

“So?” Louis asks a few feet away from the table, doubt lacing his tone.

“This is amazing Lou. It looks good and it smells good,” I breathe out, “I couldn’t imagine that it doesn’t taste good.”

“Let’s try it out then,” he smiles, holding out a chair for me to sit. I also smile, sitting down. I wait until he’s seated before digging my fork into the beef.

The meat is just a little overcooked but the mashed potatoes are absolutely perfect.

“You should cook more often,” I say, finishing up my second bite. “This is great Lou.”

“Is it? The beef tastes a little stale to me…” he grimaces.

“It’s your first meal. It’s more than okay,” I shake my head. “You’re being too hard on yourself,” I trail on, taking another bite.


There’s a short moment of silence.

“Today was nice, wasn’t it?” Louis questions. “It’s the first time I’ve really taken the time to look at what the townsfolk do, apart from the Reckoning obviously, and it’s amazing. A lot of them could and should work at the castle.”

“Maybe they don’t want to work at the castle,” I reply. “Maybe they’re okay with working in their town. And besides, if the castle hires all the good craftspeople, there will be none left for the rest of the kingdom to enjoy.”

He ponders my words.

“But they would get a better salary if they ended up at the castle,” he reasons.

“Money isn’t always important,” I counter. “Some are more than okay with what they have. Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

“But it certainly helps. You can’t tell me your family wouldn’t have been at least a little happier with more money for food and a proper dwelling.”

“I don’t know and I’ll never know,” I shrug. “Anyways you said it yourself: what ifs aren’t proper questions.”

“You’re learning,” he beams. “Zayn is on their way to check up on them as we speak by the way,” Louis adds, finishing up the last of his beef.

“Thank you,” I smile. “I know I might be annoying about my family but―”

“It's completely understandable Annabelle,” he waves me off. “If my father wasn't such an asshole, they'd be at the castle with us.”

“Mhmm. I thought you said interrupting was rude?” I mock, standing from my seat to put my empty plate in the sink.

“It is,” he laughs, walking behind me. “I'm sorry for interrupting you. I guess you're rubbing off on me,” he says in my ear. I don't move as his arms encircle my waist, hugging me from behind. Still encompassed between his arms and body, I turn around slowly and face him.

His gaze lingers on my lips before returning to my eyes.

“Did you know Belle is French for beautiful?” he whispers softly. “And that Anna means grace in Hebrew?”

“I knew Belle was French for beautiful yes, but I had no idea about Anna,” I reply, my voice just as soft as his.

“Beautiful grace...” he sighs, letting his words hang. “You have no idea exactly how much I love you Annabelle Hearst,” he breathes out.

“Then show me,” I suggest shyly. He doesn't wait to be asked twice, his hands cupping the back of my neck to lock us into a kiss. It starts off slow, but rapidly accelerates into something more passionate. At that moment, I know we’re going to be intimate tonight. And I want it. I want him.

Soon enough, my back is being pushed against the kitchen counter, our bodies pressed together very closely.

“Ouch,” I giggle, pushing on his chest so he can take a step backwards. “The counter is digging into my back.”

“Then let's take this somewhere more comfortable,” he suggests, his hand sliding into mine as he leads me to the bedroom. Louis falls backwards on the bed, tugging me with him in his decent. I end up over him, hair falling in front of my eyes. He tucks the strands behind my ear, before he pulls me forwards to kiss me again.

He carefully switches us around so I’m under him, pausing between his kisses just long enough for him to remove his shirt. He digs his face in my neck.

“You’re so soft,” he whispers.

I shut my eyes, a low whine escaping my lips as his warm breath fans on my neck, sending pleasurable shivers up my spine.

“God Annabelle,” he groans, urging our bodies closer. I flinch as I feel his growing arousal press against me.

“No, no, wait,” I stop him breathlessly, carefully placing my hand on his chest as I sit up. He looks slightly disappointed but quickly nods.

“Yes of course. I’m sorry I’m going too fast. I thought you were ready. We don’t have to do this—”

“I want to do this,” I deny, pressing my finger to his soft lips as he leans against the headboard. “I really do. I just…” my hand cups his face, “I just want to take the time to soak all of this in…” I trail on, approaching my lips with his slowly. “Please just…Don’t move,” I say, keeping my eyes locked on his lips. I inhale and exhale once before carefully pressing my mouth to his. I don’t even give him the chance to taste my lips that I’m moving my mouth to the crook of his neck, pressing slow kisses to his skin while the pads of my fingers slide along the length of his torso. He shifts as I explore him leisurely with my mouth. “No,” I stop him. “Don't move,” I demand.

“Annabelle,” Louis exhales softly, relaxing under my touch. “You like ordering me around, don’t you?” he chuckles lowly.

I nod and leave a trail of kisses down his collarbone before descending to his chest; stopping at the edge of his trousers and kissing my way back up on the other side of his neck. I can feel his heartbeat quickening under my touch. I kiss his lips again, letting it last a little longer this time. I shift my legs so they’re resting on either side of his body, feeling the arousal build inside me. Feeling Louis’ prominent arousal.

“Will I be allowed to offer you the same treatment afterwards?” he pants, rolling his hips up slightly into my core.

“Why? Are you uneasy with me being in control?” I smirk.

“On the contrary, I find it impossibly exciting to see you taking the reins...” he gets out, briefly shutting his eyes, moaning lowly as my fingers trail down his chest and near his trousers. “You have no idea how much it turns me on. But I want to make this about you,” he stops my hands. “Not me. Let me pleasure you,” he asks, enclosing my small hands into his.


“I want to pleasure you Annabelle,” he repeats, his big blue eyes staring right through my soul. I blink.

“I-I-I what? How?” I stammer.

“I want to kiss you…down there,” Louis says, very seriously.

The thought of having his face so close to my feminine parts makes me uneasy. I shake my head.

“I don’t uh… I don’t want you to. Not tonight,” I stutter.

“Too quick?” he enquires, features softening in understanding. I nod.

“I just don’t—”

“You don’t have to explain yourself Annabelle. I said we’d take it slow and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Louis responds, rubbing my arms. “I don’t want to do anything you’re not at ease with.”

“You interrupted me. Again,” I sigh, chuckling.

“That I did. Will you—”

I silence him with a kiss, annoyed.

“Too much talking?” he laughs once I’ve pulled away to breathe.

“A little yeah,” I agree breathlessly, arms wrapping around his neck. I feel him stiffen under me as my hand grazes his scarred back. He pulls away.

“I know it’s disgusting—”

I tug him closer.

“Not at all. I think they’re beautiful,” I deny softly, caressing his irregular skin. “And you know why?” He gives me a sad smile. “Because they’re the proof that you’ve already stood up to your father,” I supply.

“Let’s not talk about him in times like these please,” he responds, cupping my face before kissing me passionately. “Let’s just stop talking really,” he exhales between kisses.

I nod my approval, absolutely loving the feel of his lips and skin on mine.

After few seconds, I find myself clenching my thighs, heat spreading through my core.

As if noticing my sudden increase of arousal, his hand tentatively slides underneath my nightgown, his eyes searching mine for my consent.

“Please touch me,” I breathe out, surprisingly eager to feel him down there.

Slowly, his fingers ghost along the insides of my thighs before one of them caresses my heat.

“The second you’re uneasy, tell me,” he asks, voice barely above a whisper. The feeling of his fingers between my legs feels awkward as his eyes are fixed on mine.

“Kiss me,” I ask. “You’re making me self-conscious, staring at me like that.”

He laughs, advancing forwards to kiss me as his whole hand moves to cups my heat. I moan on his mouth as he slowly begins making a back and forth movement with his hands, rubbing me leisurely.

“You shouldn’t be self-conscious about anything Belle,” he mumbles, still stroking me. “You’re nothing less than perfect.” My breath hitches as he flicks my bundle of nerves, my body craving more of his touch.

“Louis,” I whimper, grabbing his hand. “Please.”

A lone digit slides inside me.

“You’re not quite ready yet,” he grins, shaking his head. “I don’t want to hurt you. Second times can be as painful as your first.”

“How would you even know that?” I gasp.

“This is useless talking once again,” he snorts. “I’m trying to get you aroused here,” he adds, motioning us.

“Answer me anyways,” I shrug.

“My nanny. She’d answer literally any question I had.”

“She did?” I giggle. “Did anything happen between the two of you?”

“Yes Annabelle, she wiped my arse and took care of me when I was a toddler,” he rolls his eyes. “She was fifty-years-old. Passed away about five years ago. Nothing exciting here,” he sighs, pulling away in disbelief. “Are we really talking about this? Of all the things?”

I laugh and pull him back to me.

“What are we even supposed to talk about during sex?” I trail on.

“Sweet nothings are a good start. Better than nannies and disgusting scars.”

“Well I’ve always believed sex was a show of love, trust and appreciation. I’m showing you my love and trust by giving myself to you entirely and I’m showing you my appreciation by getting to know more of you,” I reason.

“You really are one of a kind Annabelle Hearst.”

“That I am Louis Tomlinson. Wanna help me remove the rest of my clothing?”

“Gladly,” he chuckles, grabbing the hem of my nightgown and helping me pull it over my head. I grab his face and kiss him, trying to flip us around so I’m on top. “Ah ah ah. Let me be in charge,” he chides, keeping me on my back. I mock pout. “God I love you,” he mutters to himself, his bare chest pressed against mine as he stares down at me with so much love.

I whimper as his finger pushes back inside me. His thumb proceeds to reach downwards and draw circles on my bundle of nerves, his index curling and uncurling. My back reflexively arches.

His mouth swallows yet another moan as a second digit is inserted, then a third.

“Louis, please,” I repeat, my eyes shutting as my body begs for more of him.

“You’re getting there,” he teases. “Just a little more.”

“You know it’s not very polite to keep a lady waiting,” I exhale, boneless under him.

“And even more impolite to tease a Princess,” he agrees, “but I’ve always hated rules,” he ends, locking our lips yet again as he pushes a third finger in. It slides in easily. I clench around his digits.

“Do you want me Belle?” he enquires breathlessly, his fingers unmoving.

“I do. I really do. Please Lou,” I groan, rolling my hips against his.

“Good. Because you’re ready,” he exhales on my lips. My husband pulls away, removing his trousers. I can’t help looking down, taking in his erect member, my gaze trailing upwards until our eyes meet. “Are you really sure you want this?” he enquires one last time.

“Yes,” I nod, biting my lower lip.

Next thing I know, he’s carefully sheathing himself inside me, my inner walls tightening almost painfully around him. The feeling is not as pleasurable as I thought it would be, but it still is better than the first time we did this.

Louis, on the other hand, seems eager to move. The blue-eyed boy notices my lack of appreciation for the whole ordeal. He descends one of his hands between us, rubbing me leisurely. This gets my body tingling.

“You can move Louis,” I say.

“But you’re not completely out of pain yet,” he denies, jaw clenched tight.

“I don’t mind,” I shake my head.

He sighs, but proceeds to thrust out, and then back in, kissing me as our hips meet.

“Again,” I demand, knowing that even though this doesn’t feel like heaven for me, it certainly does for him.

He repeats the action mechanically and I find my body responding to the different ministrations of pleasure after a few minutes. Even if the pleasurable sensation of him filling me up isn’t as sharp as the one given by his fingers, the two of them together make my eyes shut and my toes curl.

My nails dig into his scarred back and my feet wrap around his hips as he keeps his movements steady, my face digging into his neck.

A particularly loud moan escapes my lips as he hits just the right spot inside of me.

“God Annabelle,” he grunts. “Keep making sounds like that and I am done for,” he pants.

I can’t even manage to reply, Louis finding just the right combination of movements to make my head twirl and my body explode into a series of whimpers.

He follows closely after, curing under his breath as he reaches climax and fills me up one last time. Both of us end up lying on the bed, exhausted. I dig my face into his neck.

“Our wedding night should’ve been like this,” I exhale finally. “This should’ve been our first time,” I continue, my head moving to rest on his chest to listen to his heartbeat as it slows down.

“Indeed. But your rebellious attitude forced me to change the plans a little,” he smirks. “My father would’ve lost patience with your incessant talking.”

I freeze.

“Your father was spying on us on our wedding night?” I utter, shocked.

“He knows practically everything that’s happening inside the castle walls. He has personal spies and messengers reporting every single peep. Yes, he knows literally everything we said on our wedding night.”

“This is disgusting,” I grimace.

“I know and I can’t do anything about it except endure,” he admits, shoulders slumping in defeat.

You can fight back. You should fight back.

I bite my lip, unsure if I should voice my thoughts.

“I’m going to have to leave you alone tomorrow,” Louis sighs, kissing the top of my head as he changes the subject. “I have important matters to discuss with the leaders of Iregar before we return home.”

I frown.

“How close are we to Niall’s kingdom exactly?”

“Half a day’s journey maybe,” he shrugs. “Why?”

“Just wondering when you’ll be back.”

“I’ll be back for supper tomorrow.”

“Is Zayn accompanying you?”

“No actually. He’s staying with you. I’ve got some of father’s advisors coming down with a handful of guards in the morning. I should be fine,” he says.

“What kind of matters do you have to discuss?” I enquire, sitting up on the bed to look at him.

“Annabelle, political tensions are none of your concern,” he warns. I frown, putting the pieces together. Political tensions with Iregar?

“You think Niall tried to murder me,” I state in disbelief.

“He’s one of the suspects, yes. Sources have claimed to see him lurking around near the castle on that exact day.”

“He’s not the one who did it,” I shake my head. “He can’t be.”

It’s his turn to frown.

“You seem so sure. Why?” he demands, doubt and apprehension lacing his tone.

“He wouldn’t harm me.”

Suddenly, Louis seems even more distressed, his hands latching on my arms.

“Annabelle is there something you want to tell me about Niall?” he questions, eyes hard. “Have you talked to him since our wedding night?”

“Of course I haven’t,” I lie smoothly. “I simply think you banned your friend unfairly,” I state.

“No, I did not. I saw the way he looked at you Annabelle—”

“He was looking after me. It’s not the same thing.”

“I’m not debating with you on this. What is done is done and Niall is forbidden to set foot in Headow,” Louis declares firmly. “If ever I hear that you’ve been talking to him, I will not be pleased,” he ends.

“Fine,” I sigh, shutting my eyes as I lie back down.

There’s a moment of silence. Louis shifts on the bed, pressing his chest o my back as he takes me in his arms.

“I’m sorry love. I just have this feeling that Niall is attempting to steal you from me.”

“Don’t you realise how childish you’re being?” I exhale in disbelief.

“Maybe I am. But I can’t go around giving my trust so recklessly,” he mumbles. “Of all my twenty years, Niall has managed to break my trust more than I can count. Sure he’s a fun lad, but that’s all there is to him.”

“I still think the banishing was too harsh,” I respond, yawning.

“It was not.”

“Anyways, goodnight Lou,” I whisper, not wanting to fight him on the matter any longer. “Thank you for today,” I mumble, eyelids heavy.

“No, thank you for today. Goodnight princess,” he responds. 

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