Mixed Feelings

Tyra used to have a crush on Louis Tomlinson, they used to be best friends until Tyra's other best friend Eleanor came back to town. Louis fell in love with Eleanor. One day Tyra tells the truth to Louis and Eleanor, when she runs away she bumps into the school player Harry Styles. She finds her falling in love but with who? When she finds out something that will change her life and she has choose who her true love is. Truth is told, drama starts, hearts are broken, fights break out. Who will Tyra choose?

(this is my first movellas so plz no hate)


2. WTF!!!

Louis P.O.V

"...I was going to say yes until you interrupted me so thanks for ruining my life" Tyra yelled. I remember that day when i asked her out but she never answered me cause Eleanor came and i completely forgot about her i  was distracted by Eleanor. I had a massive crush on her i was practically in love with her i thought about her day and night how could i been so stupid not to see her liking me. I zoned out  for a while.

"Babe can u hear me" Eleanor was saying getting louder ever time she said it "yea sorry" i said "i cant believe that bitch i did nothing to her how did i steal her from you you guys were best friends!" she yelled.

"Dont call her a bitch she's done nothing to you!" I yelled at her "oh so your siding with her instead of your girlfriend!" yelled Eleanor 

"No Im not choosing sides im just saying dont call her a bitch" I said calming down "im sorry Eleanor for yelling at you i just am confused" i added

"its ok babe i forgive you" she said looking me in the eyes

"i love you" I said kissing her gently

"i love you too"

"Im going to find Harry ok ill see you at lunch" I said before walking off "BYE!!!" she yelled.


I was walking around school finding Harry my best friend. I couldn't find him anywhere.

As I turned the corner I saw Harry comforting Tyra. WTF is she doing with him how does she know him.

Harry started to walk away and Tyra was just staring at him. Jealousy was kicking in. how am i jealous i have a girlfriend. I started to get pissed off. 

When Harry turned the corner I ran up to Tyra and Pushed her into an empty room.


Tyra's P.O.V

"LOUIS WHAT THE HELL!!" I yelled "SHH calm down i need to talk to you about something" Louis said "fine hurry up" I said angryily 

"Well did you always like me when we were best friends and why didnt you tell me" he asked

"I dont wanna answer" I said. how could he ask me this now he's got a girlfriend. "No please answer me Tyra I wanna know" He said getting angry "no i dont wanna and you wont make me" I spat at his face and started to walk away. 

I felt my body spin around with such a force. "LOUIS LET ME GO" I yelled at him "NO ANSWER ME TYRA NOW" he yelled, his grasp was getting tighter and "Louis please let me go your hurting me" I cried. He didnt let me go I was getting scared his eyes were filled with anger. I started to scream even though it was no help. "HARRY!!!!!" I screamed "He wont be able to hear you so stop it" Louis laughed "Louis what's got in to you" I cried "all i want is for you to answer me NOW!!" He screamed "Louis ill tell you if you let me go" I cried. He let me go letting me drop to the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL LOU?!?!" I heard a croaky voice yell, I turned around and saw Harry standing there fist clenched.

"H-Harry" I stuttered "Please leave Harry" I cried "No im not leaving you here alone with him" he said "I have to answer him first" I cried harder. He didnt want to leave me. "Louis, yes i liked you for a while but i got over it when Eleanor came back and i didnt want to remind you cause i knew ill never get the chance if Eleanor is here so there are you happy" I said looking at Louis with pain in my eyes.

"Oh then im sorry for overeacting Tyra" He said started to cry "I don If im ready to frogive you Louis you hurt me bad, come on harry lets go" I said grabbing his hand and leaving the room.


"Im sorry you had to see that ive never seen him like that" I said getting teary "It's ok babe come here" harry said pulling me into a hug. "Anyway I was wondering if you maybe wanna go on a date with me tonight thats y i came back to find you" He asked, to be honest i was shocked at this we only just met. He knew i was shocked,"You know forget it you have a boyfriend its okay" he said "no its not that im just shocked we only just met but yea sure ill love to go on a date with you" I said


He looked at me in shock "ok babe see you tonight" he said kissing my cheek. "ok bye Harry" I said before walking off.


As I turned the corner and saw Eleanor making out with Nathan Skyes the football captian. WTF!!!



I hope you like it im not that good but ill love to hear you comments ill try update this week sometime.xoxo


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