Mixed Feelings

Tyra used to have a crush on Louis Tomlinson, they used to be best friends until Tyra's other best friend Eleanor came back to town. Louis fell in love with Eleanor. One day Tyra tells the truth to Louis and Eleanor, when she runs away she bumps into the school player Harry Styles. She finds her falling in love but with who? When she finds out something that will change her life and she has choose who her true love is. Truth is told, drama starts, hearts are broken, fights break out. Who will Tyra choose?

(this is my first movellas so plz no hate)


3. What am i going to do?

Tyra's P.O.V


How could Eleanor do this to Louis they are in love. I feel so sorry for Louis right now even if he did hurt me.

Anyway Im going on a date with Harry. I cant believe Im falling for the school player but its just so hard to get his gorgeous face out of my head. The bell rings and i run off to class

-------------After School---------------

I walk out of the school grounds by myself I would be waiting fro Louis and Eleanor but Im angry at both of them.

"TYRA WAIT UP!!!" I heard someone yell.I turned around and saw Louis running towards me.


"I dont't wanna talk to you right now Louis" I said turning back around "no Tyra please Im so sorry i did that i shouldnt have lost it at you like that please can you forgive me" Lou said grabbing my arm gently

"Lou of course i forgive you but please dont care me like that again" I said pulling him into a hug


"I promise"


"lets go" I said walking with him.


"so how was your day today?" Lou asked "ahh beside from you Harry asked me out" I replied smiling "he what" Lou half yelled "shh I know what he's like but i think hes changed he seems so nice" I continued smiling "Tyra please be careful he might have change but he will still be the same guy he always is" Louis said angrily "wow calm down Im 18 i can do wot i want" I snapped at him "I no that but dont do anything crazy your still a virgin and-" i cut him off " Lou shut up your not my dad" I yelled at him 

"Ok Im sorry Tyra" He said. "Why do you care about me so much you have a girlfriend?" I asked

I walked up to my front door. "Its just...." Louis started "Its just what?" I asked angrily "It just Ive always like you I was going to break up with Eleanor soon but its a bit to late for that you have already moved on so what are my chances against Harry." He yelled "Lou-" he cut me off "no i dont want to hear it go Have fun with harry for all i care" he yelled walking away "Lou wait please" I yelled. he just ran. Great now what am i going to so two boys like me. So much fun (note the sarcasm) What am I going to do?


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