Mixed Feelings

Tyra used to have a crush on Louis Tomlinson, they used to be best friends until Tyra's other best friend Eleanor came back to town. Louis fell in love with Eleanor. One day Tyra tells the truth to Louis and Eleanor, when she runs away she bumps into the school player Harry Styles. She finds her falling in love but with who? When she finds out something that will change her life and she has choose who her true love is. Truth is told, drama starts, hearts are broken, fights break out. Who will Tyra choose?

(this is my first movellas so plz no hate)


1. Truth

Tyra's P.O.V

I walked to school with my best friend Eleanor, who walked hand in hand with her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson. I used to have a massive crush on Louis, we used to be best friends inseparable but that all changed when Eleanor came back to town



"OMG, Louis this is amazing. Thank you" I screamed. He had brought me a necklace with my name on it. "Your welcome Tyra" he replied "can I ask you something Tyra" Louis asked me "huh..yea...sure" I replied. "Do you wanna.. maybe go on a date with me" He stuttered. OMG I was shocked he is actually asked me out I've been waiting for this for ages. "Louis....I-I..." was all i managed to say until i was interrupted by a scream. "TYRA!!!!!" I looked behind me and saw my old best friend Eleanor. "ELEANOR!!!!!" I screamed back, i ran towards her and tackled her with a hug."What?How?" I was in shock i couldn't believe my eyes, "I don't know, I was just getting something to eat since I'm moving back and i saw you with that hunk.Who is that?" Eleanor asked "well umm his name is Louis he is my best friend and i have a crush on him" was all i wanted to say to her cause she always steals my crushes. "Well introduce me to him I need to know if he is good enough for you" she said. "Eleanor meet Louis, Louis meet Eleanor an old friend of mine" I said introducing them "Hey beautiful" Louis said "Hey sexy" Eleanor said. 

*Flashback ended*

I never answered that question that Louis asked me cause Eleanor and Louis chatted away all night and eventually started to date. Great. Well anyway its still awkward when Im with them They snog each others faces in. I realized i was out for quite sometime because Eleanor was waving her hand in front of my face. "Sorry I was just having a flashback of..." i cut myself off i didnt want anyone to know. "Of what?" Eleanor asked "oh nothing it was nothing" I replied "it must be something if your not telling me" she said coldly "no its ok" i said getting nervous "no come on tell me and dont cry" she said angrily. "Fine when you moved back here and ruined my life you stole my best friend he asked me out just before you came i never got to answer you interrupted me when i was about to say yes so thanks Eleanor for ruining my only chance to get Louis" I yelled at her face. She looked shocked I turned around and ran to school.


I ran to school crying my eyes out. I kept running until I bumped into someone. "Sorry I-I j-just...." I looked up and made contact with the most gorgeous emerald green eyes ever. "Its alright beautiful, but tell me why a beautiful babe like you is crying" he asked. I blushed like crazy. "Well i just shouted at my best friend for ruining my life" I sobbed "well if she ruined your life she deserved it" he laughed. I just had to laugh cause he was telling the truth. "Well anyway I'm Harry, Harry Styles" smiled Harry "what's your name babe?" he asked "ummmm..Tyra McClay" I managed to say. "Pretty name I'll see you around Tyra, I'll make sure of it" he laughed before he walked off. I stared at him as he turned the corner. I was falling for the school player how stupid am I. I was staring for quite some time before i was pushed in to an empty classroom.

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