Not The Same

Kaylie is Liam's 16 year old sister who is just like him. Reliable, Dependable, Mature. But when Liam leaves for The X-Factor and never calls she decides that she doesn't want to be dependable anymore. She wants to a rebel, so that's what she does. Every night she goes out and parties, drinks, does drug, and alot of other things she doesn't remember the next morning. But what will Liam think when him and his band come back to visit?


1. Chapter 1


I am so excited! I'm on my way to visit my mother. I haven't seen her in forever. We have a week off before the next tour and we have all decided to stay at my house until it starts. My mom was crushed when I left, but even worse than her was my sister Kaylie. She always looked up to me and we did everything together. I never have a chance to talk to her when I call because managment always rushes me off the phone before I have the chance.

We pull up to the house around 11 at night. As soon as the car stops I throw the door open, leap out of the car, and run to the front door.Of course being the good little child that I am I ring the door bell and wait anxiously for it to open. "LiLi!" "Mummy!" I yelled sounding like a five year old. I wrapped my mother in a humongous hug, so glad to have her back. "Hey boys come on in." We all walked in the roomy house and sat down on the couches and love seats arranged neatly around the room. "Where's Kaylie Mum?", her face dropped into a sad frown that showed all the worry lines in her face that were never there when I left. "About her, there's something I need to talk to you about something" I nodded telling her to go on."Well um you see after you left she started staying out really late, and coming home home drunk, and probably high. With different guys every night, and I just don't know what to do LiLi." She could barley get that out through her sobs.Just then the door burst in and Kaylie stumbled through the door way with some guy right behind her kissing her neck the whole time."Kaylie! What are you doing?" "Oh hey Liiiiiiiiiiiiam." She yelled dragging out the iiiiiiiiii clearly piss drunk.The dude was pushing her towards the stairs the whole time, either not realizing we were there or clearly not caring. I ran over to them and pushed him out of the house, which to my surprise was very easy. "Liam don't be a party pooper. Oh you're cute." She walked over to Harry, and sat on his lap playing with his curls."Um Liam. Your sister is in my lap." "Come up stairs cutie, and maybe we can..." "Ok that's enough come on K." I put her over my shoulder and carried her up to her room where she soon fell asleep. How  did this happen.

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